Jazz For The Next Generation Education Program

Noun_170451_ccEducation is essential to keeping jazz alive and enriching the lives of the young.  It is the mission of JazzBuffalo is to help provide several avenues for the young to get the music education we all know help students to achieve and enrich every aspect of their lives.

The Jazz For The Next Generation Education Program will be designed to promote the development of young people within the public school systems of the Greater Buffalo area.  The youth development program will be about changing lives by helping low-income, at-risk youth in our community identify, cultivate and celebrate their gifts through music education and performance.  In addition, it will offer youth development programs to school districts that have had their music budgets severely cut and lack the ability to offer music programs to their students.  

The program will use music to connect with students, provide them with high-quality music education, build them up to be active community members, and provide a program that helps to sustain their music education through high school. The program’s mission is to help keep participants in school, provide rewarding after-school music education, and provide a path for students to be contributing citizens.  The program will also foster being a stepping stone for pursuing music education at the collegiate level.  This effort will also include collaborating with existing programs that may be seeking additional assistance to sustain and further their in-school and after-school educational programs.  

The program will also foster the development of the Next Generation Jazz Band.  A performance band that can consist of middle school, high school, and collegiate versions to perform at local venues, special events, and festivals.  Giving the opportunity for pursuing students to experience the art of performing as a band and alongside local and national guest artist.

Your in-kind donation to support this program will help to enrich the Greater Buffalo community and provide a path for students from all walks of life to experience musical education.

Please donate to keep jazz alive for the next generation!