JazzBuffalo: A Jazz Journey Begins With A Dream

SaxThere is a lot excitement in the air in Buffalo these days.  We are feeling the pulse of resurgence.  A vibe you can hear humming and getting louder with each new development.

As with the city, jazz in Buffalo is both relishing in its history and experiencing renewal.  A new vibe mixed with old.  Excitement in the air filled with bebop, hard bop, Latin, jazz standards, fusion, smooth, neo-soul, and more variations of jazz.  All these styles of jazz tapping into the deep roots of jazz in Buffalo, which can be traced back to the 1920’s. There appears to be no better time than now to bring a concerted as well as collaborative effort together to keep jazz alive and keep renewal surging.

JazzBuffalo is the website name for the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society.  Conceived recently as a non-profit organization, the mission of the society is to enrich the lives of the greater Buffalo community through the Art of Jazz.  It is an aspiration and a dream of many to develop education programs for the young, provide support for jazz performance, create special events featuring jazz, promote emerging jazz art forms, create an environment for emerging jazz artists, and foster audience appreciation.

Tumblr_lp9pck1eZ21qis9w2 JazzBuffalo will begin as primarily a blogging site about jazz in Buffalo.  Focusing in on the people, the stories, and the artists who make jazz possible in Buffalo.  It will also include, on occasion, jazz news and perspectives from around the world.  Much of what you see in reference to the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society and JazzBuffalo are future aspirations.  They may take months and years to happen. But, they can be realized through passionate support from the people of the Greater Buffalo Community.  

A journey begins with taking the first step.  JazzBuffalo, as it exists today, is the first small step.  To take many more will require the help and talents of an abundance of caring people.  Each step will take a passion for jazz as well as for enriching the lives of the young in our community. 

The journey begins with a dream of celebrating jazz and the connection Buffalo has to this great American art form.  A dream and vision, which includes:

* Jazz education programs for the young

* Bringing jazz music to schools

* Music events and education programs for all ages

* Accessible jazz festivals

* Jazz venues with year-round performances

* A supportive community for jazz musicians

* National recognition as a top jazz city

* A connected community for jazz musicians in Rochester, Toronto, and New York

And more……….

This is a dream and vision, which can and will be realized.  Through a cohesive coming together of all those who have a passion for this music and for ensuring the lives of our young are enriched through music – this can happen.

Join alongside me and others in taking this journey. In helping to make the greater Buffalo area a hub of jazz – for both audiences and musicians.  It is a worthy endeavor, which will contribute to the development of the young and improving the quality of life in a place many of us call home.

Join us,

Tony Zambito

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4 thoughts on “JazzBuffalo: A Jazz Journey Begins With A Dream

  1. As a jazz musician and jazz educator working in Buffalo, I am thrilled that this is happening. The Buffalo jazz community is teeming with talented players and there seems to be an endless influx of more and more skilled jazz artists each year. There seems to be no more important mission than growing the jazz audience and the public presence of these artists. Just as Buffalo is now globally recognized as a great city for architecture so should it be recognized for it’s musical culture. New Orleans knew what it had and millions flock to her each year. It’s time to get the word out and do the same.

  2. Andy, many thanks for the comment. I agree we have a community teeming with talented musicians and jazz artists. Just as well, we have a community teeming with people wanting to bring this aspect of our city’s history and culture to life. Combined, we can make great things happen!

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