Jazz In Town: Jazz Heats Up In June

June usually marks the beginning of a summer filled with more music than we can possibly get to!  Jazz music is no exception.  It is good to see, in general, the jazz scene heating up in Buffalo reminiscent of yesteryears. 

From out of the area and in town is the Brotzmann, Parker, Drake Trio at Hallwalls Sunday at 8:00pm.  Peter Brotzmann, from Germany, has been a long-time free jazz artist since the ‘60’s.  The music is hard driving and your ears will have to be tuned to the art of free jazz.  Here is a video featuring Brotzmann and Drake to give you a taste of what is to happen Sunday:


June Begins With Jazz Busting Out All Over

Thursday June 5th:

Jon Lehning Trio at Milos at 5:30pm

Christina Custode at Topper Social Club in Niagara Falls at 6:00pm

Custode and Parisi at the Pizza Plant at 7:00pm

The Katy Minor Duo with Phil Sims at Merge at 7:00pm

IntensionIntension Ensemble, featuring a group of talented young jazz cats, at Pausa Art House at 8:00pm

Friday June 6th:

Custode and Parisi at Topper Social Club in Niagara Falls at 6:00pm

The Jazz Example at Anchor Bar at 7pm

Theresa Quinn Jazz Quartet at Bacchus at 8:00pm

ReausanceresAUnance with Jonathan Golove, bringing unique sounds through vocals and vibes, at Pausa Art House at 8:30pm

Saturday June 7th:

Dick Griffo Jazz Workshop Band, a mix of students and adults remembering Dick Griffo’s long running Saturday workshop led by Karen Ragusa, at Topper Social Club at 3:00pm

Mari McNeil and George Kane at Embers at 7:00pm

Gruvology, coming of their release of the Freeway CD, at the Pizza Plant at 8:00pm Gruvology cd

Sunday June 8th:

Odyssey Jazz Ensemble with guest singers Pamela Reese Smith and Inez Kimble at the Central Park Grill at 3:00pm

Keep Jazz Alive In WNY!


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