Jazz In Town: Native Sons Juini Booth and Carmen Intorre, Jr. Return To Buffalo

J boothThis week, Buffalo has the good fortune of two native sons coming together to perform together.   Legendary jazz bassist Juini Booth makes an appearance at Pausa Art House this Friday for a multi-mix jazz and poetry event.  Joining him is drummer extraordinaire Carmen Intorre, Jr.   Along with George Caldwell, they will form a trio for a performance, which is one of several planned for the evening.  For more on this event see: Juini Booth Returns

Also see Jeff Simon's write in the Buffalo News here: Celebrating 50 Years

The evening celebrating 50 years of artistry in jazz for Juini Booth is shaping up as follows (please note all times approximates):

7:00pm  Juini Booth Solo

8:00pm Juini Booth with Carmen Intorre, Jr. and George Caldwell

9:00pm or 10:00pm  Percussion/Double Bass – Mbayerama Diagne and Marlowe Wright perform with bassists Subu Adeyola and Juini Booth on a piece called Two Bass Hit

After 10:00pm: Kamau Fields and Michael Hopkins read Sun Ra.
Kevin Doyle and Charles Palau read Robert Creeley.

After 11pm: The Astro Unit Space Jam with a 15 piece Arkestra 

This will be a very far out and very unique evening of music with the legendary bassist Juini Booth.

Jazz In Town

This edition came out late but EPQ is at Brioso and Christina Custode at Topper Social Club on this Thursday evening.

The Jazz Example at the Anchor Bar Friday at 8pm

Ironside at Pausa Art House Saturday at 8pm

Keep Jazz Alive In WNY!


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