JazzBuffalo Review: Legends Of Jazz Event Shines With Originals

Sax-Jim2A spectacular weekend of jazz and festivals was capped by what can be called a legendary performance.  On Sunday afternoon, legendary jazz performers came together for an event entitled The Legends Of Jazz.  Led by Phil DiRe on tenor saxophone, the sextet formed for this occasion by DiRe included Bobby Militello on alto sax and ex-Raven and America keyboardist Jimmy Calire visiting his hometown from California.

Rounding out the sextet were John Hasselback on trombone, Wayne Moose on bass, and Abdul-Rahman Qadir on drums.  This proved to be a coming together of some of the areas best jazz artistry. 


From the opening number, a jazz blues tune, the horns resounded off the brick walls and you knew something special was going to happen.  If there were any surprises, it was the introduction of original Phil DiRe compositions.  The first original tune was Green Street.  A melodic tune backed by a bebop feel and open spaces for each band member to shine.  And shine they did.  Here is a clip of Phil DiRe soloing:


The band followed this tune with the classic Take The A Train but promptly hit it on another Phil DiRe original entitled Best Of Friends.  This tune gave evidence to why this event was billed as The Legends of Jazz.  Phil introduced another original.  Which an original by Jimmy Calire followed called Be A Sportsman.   The band got into fusion mode and Jimmy Calire showed us his artistry in composing as well as the keyboard as notes were jumping off the keys.  Here is a clip of John Hasselback, who accentuated the sounds of saxophones brilliantly:


Other special moments included performances of Little Sunflower and All The Things You Are.  Wayne Moose and Abdul-Rahman Qadir kept the infectious rhythms alive and put on a show with their solos.  A very special highlight was another rare sighting of Bobby Militello doing vocals.  Here is a brief clip you are certain to enjoy:


Command Performance

It was a command performance by some of the jazz greats from the greater Buffalo area.  The new venue 189 Public House offered a perfect setting for this occasion.  Food was excellent and the music ambiance superb.  All in all, it was a masterful event characterized by the Phil DiRe’s entitled original song Best Of Friends.  Family and friends came together to make for a special occasion capping off one heck of a jazz filled weekend.  

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