Two Spectacular Jazz Concerts: Esperanza Spalding and Ken Filiano Hit Buffalo October 9th

MusicfeatTwo notable concerts hit the JazzBuffalo area this week.  And, they are most definitely are on different ends of the spectrum.  It does show the diversity of jazz, which makes Buffalo a stomping ground for all jazz artists. 

The ever-popular Esperanza Spalding brings her special charm and musical brand of jazz to the UB Center of Performing Arts this Thursday, October 9th at 7:30pm.  This will be her third appearance in the Buffalo area and this will no doubt be another special evening.  This tour follows her highly successful Radio Music Society tour, which was a sellout in Buffalo.  This fast rising star of jazz and mainstream appeal provides an entertaining reflection of vocals, musicianship, and bassist craftsmanship.  Here is a clip of a recent Esperanza Spalding performance of the tune Smile Like That:


On the other end of the spectrum, in world of free jazz, comes to town Ken Filiano.  Courtesy of All About Jazz, here is some information on Filiano:

Ken filaionKen Filiano performs throughout the world, playing and recording with leading artists in jazz, spontaneous improvisation, classical, world/ethnic, and interdisciplinary performance, fusing the rich traditions of the double bass with his own seemingly limitless inventiveness. Ken's solo bass CD, “subvenire” (NineWinds), received widespread critical praise. For this and numerous other recordings, Ken has been called a “creative virtuoso,” a “master of technique” . . . “a paradigm of that type of artist. . . who can play anything in any context and make it work, simply because he puts the music first and leaves peripheral considerations behind.”

Ken has been a guest lecturer, performer, and workshop leader at institutions in the United States and Europe. He earned a MM from Rutgers University and is currently on faculty at Mansfield University.

Here is a clip of Ken Filiano Quartet in performance of Powder and Paint, which give you a flavor of what to expect:


Ken Filiano has played with the likes of Anthony Braxton and more throughout the world and is known as one of the creative-virtuoso free jazz artists of our time.   He will be performing this Thursday, October 9th at 8pm at PAUSA Art House in the Allentown district with Michael McNeil on piano, Tim Clarke on trumpet, John Bacon Jr. on drums, and Steve Baczkowski on baritone sax. 

Two spectacular jazz concert events on opposite ends of the spectrum – proving JazzBuffalo can be a host for the full spectrum of jazz.

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