The First Annual JazzBuffalo Reader’s And Fan Poll Is Live!!

DizzyThe first-ever and first annual JazzBuffalo Reader’s and Fan Poll is officially live!  The intent of this first-ever poll is to foster jazz appreciation.  At the same time, provide a means to recognize the artists and supporters who give of their time and talents to the community.

Thanks to the nearly one hundred respondents who took time to submit names in nomination, we now have an official poll.  There are twenty-four categories created for voting.  You may vote for only one person, group, or place in each category.  You may skip categories if you are unable to place a vote.  Please only take the poll one-time through. 

When voting for the John Hunt Jazz Artist Of The Year, there is an optional comment field to express a few words why you believe the person you voted for is deserving of this award.  Please do comment if possible.

This is your chance, as reader’s and fans, to recognize the artists and supporters of jazz in Greater Buffalo.  The local jazz scene is expanding in richness and vibrancy.  Just so happening at the same time we are witnessing the exciting resurgence of the Greater Buffalo community. 

The poll will be live until January 11th.  After which, the poll winners will be published on this site shortly after.  It is our hope to create an evening whereby we can celebrate as well as present the John Hunt Jazz Artist Of The Year award to the winner in that category.  Stay tuned for more information.

You may follow the link below to the poll page or take the poll embedded in in the bottom of this posting. 

Take the poll directly here: JazzBuffalo Reader's and Fan Poll

Please vote and please share the ability to vote with others.

Keep Jazz Alive In WNY!!


You may take JazzBuffalo Reader's And Fan Poll directly below:

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