Congratulations to Nominees For First Annual JazzBuffalo Reader’s And Fan Poll!

Miles_davis__jazz_trumpet__jazz_art__music_art__ja_portraits__figurative__d2ad8dc2a78d5cb75aba2cd1b6481c0aThe official JazzBuffalo Readers’ And Fan Poll is live and voting is underway.  Special congratulations to the nominees who are listed below in twenty-four categories!

The nominees come from you, the readers of JazzBuffalo and fans of jazz in Greater Buffalo.  Over 120 write-in submissions were received from an online survey conducted from December 13th through December 27th in 2014.  Thus, this is not a critic’s poll whereby a panel was convened to select nominees.  It is very conceivable a critic’s poll may look different than a reader’s and fan poll. 

This poll is a true reader’s and fan poll with nominees written-in by you – the fans of jazz in Greater Buffalo.  The top two to six nominees are listed in the poll.  Just as the official poll will be conducted, the nominations survey allowed only one time-through per person and computer. 

Here then are your 2014 JazzBuffalo Reader’s and Fan Poll Nominees.  If you have not taken the poll yet, please follow the link below to vote for the person, group, educator, or place in each category.  Once the poll is closed, the votes will be certified by 2-3 people and published.  The poll will be open until January 11th.  

And, please share with other fans of jazz!

The link to the JazzBuffalo Reader’s And Fan Poll is here:  JazzBuffalo Poll

Congratulations to the 2014 JazzBuffalo Reader’s And Fan Poll Nominees!

2014 Jazz Tenor Saxophone:  Phil DiRe, Ken Kuriscak, Kelly Bucheger, Dave Schiavone, and Mike Ihde

2014 Jazz Alto Saxophone: Russ D’Alba, Bobby Militello, Tim Martin, and Russ Carere

2014 Jazz Baritone Saxophone: Harry Fackelman, Tim Martin, and Bruce Johnstone

2014 Jazz Trumpet: Mark Filsinger, Jim Bohm, Tim Clarke, Chris Hooten, Andy Peruzzini, and John Maguda

2014 Jazz Trombone: John Hasselback, Jr. and Phil Sims

2014 Jazz Guitar: Bernard Kunz, Mike Moser, George Kane, and Dale Toliver

2014 Jazz Piano: Bobby Jones, George Caldwell, Walter Kemp III, Michael McNeil, Jim Bieshline, and Michael T. Jones

2014 Jazz Accompaniment: Bobby Militello – flute, Carol McLaughlin – flute, Harry Fackelman – clarinet, and Andy Peruzzini – tuba

2014 Jazz Acoustic Bass: Paul Zapalowski, Danny Ziemann, Sabu Adeyola, Wayne Moose, and Jim Colemon

2014 Jazz Electric Bass: Jerry Livingston, Jack Kulp, Zuri Appleby, and Rishon Odel Northington

2014 Jazz Vibes: Joanne Lorenzo, Ray Bennett, and Randy Stirtzinger

2014 Jazz Drums: Tom Kasperek, John Bacon, Jr., Abdul-Rahman Qadir, Louie Marino, and David Teaspoon Hulett

2014 Jazz Female Vocalist: Melissa Kate, Mary McMahon, Katy Minor, and Einat Agmon

2014 Jazz Male Vocalist: Anthony Re, Jack Civiletto, Rob Falgiano, and Dave Calire

2014 Jazz Group (Classic BeBop and Hard Bop): Star People (The Miles Davis Project), George Caldwell Quintet, Phil DiRe Quintet, Jazz Vibes Featuring Joanne Lorenzo, Phil Sims Jazz Quartet, and What Would Mingus Do?

2014 Jazz Fusion Group: Gruvology, JFT, and Winelight

2014 Latin Jazz Group: Sol Y Sombra and Wendell Rivera Latin Jazz Band

2014 Jazz Big Band: Carol McLaughlin Big Band, Buffalo Brass Big Band, Joe Baudo Big Band, Ladies First Jazz Big Band, and George Scott Big Band

2014 Jazz Infused Soul, Funk, or R&B: JFT, Gruvology, Eric Crittendon’s Juke Joint, Blue Stone Groove, Verse, and Winelight

2014 Jazz Venue: Pausa Art House, Colored Musician’s Club, Duke Bohemian Bar & Grill, and Hallwalls

2014 Most Memorable Jazz Performance: Star People at Pausa Art House, Phil DiRe Legends of Jazz at 189 Main, Gruvology Freeway CD Release Concert at Hallwalls, My Cousin Tone’ at Pausa Art House, and Carol McLaughlin at the Queen City Jazz Festival

2014 Jazz Educator: Phil Aguglia, Mark Filsinger, Karen Ragusa, and Andy Peruzzini

2014 Rising Star Jazz Artist: James Bender, Syl DuBenion, Anthony Henry, Harry Graser, and Michael Christie

2014 John Hunt Jazz Artist Of The Year: George Caldwell, Bobby Militello, Phil Sims, Tim Clarke, and Walter Kemp III

Now that you have read all the nominees and reached the bottom of this post, click on the link below and take the poll!

2014 JazzBuffalo Reader’s and Fan Poll


Keep Jazz Alive In WNY!!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Nominees For First Annual JazzBuffalo Reader’s And Fan Poll!

  1. My vote is for Mr. Dave schiavone for tenor
    And Mr. Andrew peruzzini for trumpet and jazz educator.
    Two of my teachers that made the ball really roll for my playing

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