JazzBuffalo And PAUSA Art House Join Forces To Host Fundraiser For The Magdalene Project And Joanne Lorenzo

Joanne (1)Nearly every weekend in the evenings, you might see an R.V. traveling about the streets of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  Traveling slowly with a serene sense of innocence.  However, it is being driven by a powerful purpose. 

The Magdalene Project, led by Joanne Lorenzo, travels the drug-infested streets of Buffalo and Niagara Falls searching for people in need.  People who suffer from drug abuse, prostitution, domestic abuse, alcoholism, and an inability to care for children. 

The project has grown to include an after-school program, soup kitchen, back-to-school drive, clothing drives, food drives, a prevention ministry, and other means to provide help to those in need.  At its core, the project offers prayers in the Christian faith and helps those to connect with local churches as well. 

Providing such a helpful and resourceful faith-based community service for those in need not only takes the generosity of volunteerism, but also the ongoing support that happens through fundraising. 

PAUSA Art House And JazzBuffalo Partner

Pausa Art House and JazzBuffalo are partnering together to sponsor a fundraising event in support of the Magdalene Project.  The intention is to have a host of jazz artists throughout WNY donate their time performing for an appreciative audience.  Benefiting the Magdalene Project through door proceeds and other fundraising activities, which may take place.  The event is scheduled for Friday, September 25th

Joanne lorenzoMany may know Joanne Lorenzo for her rich background in the world of jazz as one of the premier jazz vibraphonist to grace the WNY jazz music scene.   Joanne holds a Masters Degree in Music from the University of Michigan and has taught at the University of Buffalo.  Since her early days of playing with the late great Al Tinney, Joanne has given us memorable performances.  Most recently, Joanne has played with the group Jazz Vibes in which she is featured.  Joanne and the group recently did a tribute to Lionel Hampton at MusicalFare Theatre Premier Cabaret Lounge. 


Musicians Lending A Hand

While the cast of musicians donating their time has yet to be finalized, you can be sure all will be special.  Look for the members of Jazz Vibes in Sabu Adeyola on bass, Abdul-Rahman Qadir on drums, Tony Zambito on percussions, and possibly George Caldwell on piano to kick things off with Joanne on vibes.

Mp9Throughout the night, musicians such as Bobby Jones, John Hasselback, Jr., Dave Schiavone, Mary McMahon, and more to be announced will jump in and play along. Musicians will be performing in the spirit of supporting Joanne and this God-inspired missionary work.

There will be opportunities to learn more about the mission of the Magdalene Project during the evening.  More information about the evening will follow soon.  For now, please do plan to attend on Friday, September 25th.  It will be a fabulous night for a good cause.

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