JazzBuffalo And MusicalFare Theatre Present Quiet Nights: The Music Of Jobim And Bossa Nova

Quiet Nights MusicalFare.001On Friday, October 23rd at 8pm JazzBuffalo and MusicalFare Theatre (Premier Cabaret Lounge) are teaming up again to bring to you a special night of jazz, bossa nova, and jazz samba.  On this evening, the tribute performance Quiet Nights: The Music Of Jobim, Gilberto, Bossa Nova, and Jazz Samba will take place in the Premier Cabaret Lounge of MusicalFare Theatre. 

The night will feature the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto, as well as, others from the era of bossa nova introduced to America in the early 1960’s.  Hear tunes such as Wave, Desafinado, The Girl from Ipanema, and Corcovado (Quiet Nights For Quiet Stars).  Relive the sounds of this entrancing era through the vocals of Mary McMahon.  Mary, voted best female jazz vocalist in the 2014 JazzBuffalo Readers and Fan Poll, evokes the beauty of the music with her low tones and lyrical approach to this genre. Having sung with some of the best jazz artists in the area, the audience will revel in Mary's interpretations of the classic bossa nova and jazz samba songs.  

Mary McMahon mfOn the baby grand piano will be Bobby Jones, the long-time great Buffalo pianist whose career spans both the national and international stage.  The sweeping sounds of the guitar will feature Ralph Fava.  Fava has backed up many the great singers in Las Vegas, as well as, in the local music scene.  Fava has performed with such artists Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jim Nabors, Bobby Vinton, Connie Francis, Shari Lewis, Mary Wilson, Don Rickles, The Drifters, Jerry Vale and Al Martino.

Bobby jones 1

The band will also feature Maggie Roston on flute/alto sax.  Maggie is a member of the Ladies First Big Band and comes to Buffalo originally from Minneapolis.  Her career spans playing both in the Los Angeles area as well as in France.  Performing in the Hollywood Orchestra to performing for the l'Orchestre d'Aquitaine (Big Band) in France.  On drums will be one of Buffalo’s finest in Abdul-Rahman Qadir, who has been performing since the early days of the Buffalo Jazz Ensemble and drumming for Grover Ralph favaWashington, Jr.   Holding down the bass will be Bud Fadale who began his professional career in Berlin, Germany and has since played with a who's who list of local and national jazz artists.  On percussions will be Tony Zambito (author of JazzBuffalo) and feeling very privileged to be on the same stage as these talented musicians.

Maggie rostonFor a fantastic night of stellar music and reliving the era of bossa nova, make plans to reserve seats for the evening of October 23rd.  Visit www.musicalfare.com for tickets online or call the box office at 716-839-8540. Tickets are $20.  Do so soon for tickets sales have been brisk and the one-night-only show is likely to sell out! 


Abdul on drums
JazzBuffalo thanks Randy Kramer, Exectuive Director of MusicalFare Theatre, for the partnering together to bring the finest in jazz to the Greater Buffalo audience.


Bud03Here is a video of Daina Krall performing Quiet Nights live in Rio to help get you in the mood for this special evening – and to make sure you reserve your seats soon!



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