The 3 Tenors Perform At The Next JazzBuffalo Sunday Jazz Series Event On December 13th!

Phil direOn Sunday, December 13th, the last of the 2015 JazzBuffalo Sunday Jazz Series, in partnership with 189 Public House, takes place.  It promises to be a stupendous way to close out the first-ever Sunday Jazz Series season!  Phil DiRe is leading the production of an ensemble specifically for this Sunday Jazz Series date entitled the 3 Tenors (see poster at the end of the article). 

The 3 Tenors will feature three jazz saxophone giants playing tenor saxophone.  Phil DiRe, Dave Schiavone, and Bobby Militello.  The back line of the ensemble will feature George Caldwell on keyboards, Wayne Moose on bass, and John Bacon, Jr. on drums. 

For many of us, the 3 jazz artists performing on tenor saxophones need no introduction.  The combined legacy and history of jazz artistry span the globe for all three.  Each having played with the most notable of jazz legends throughout the years.  And, each contributing to the art form of jazz while never forgetting their roots here in the greater Buffalo area. 

Bobby militelloWhat makes this performance unique is the three coming together to perform and to focus on the tenor saxophone.  For example, many know Bobby Militello is a master of the jazz alto saxophone.  What you may not know is Bobby played tenor early in his career.  A rare chance is presented to hear him on tenor.  Dave Schiavone is a master of the alto and tenor saxophone.  Including the flute, as is Bobby Militello.   Phil DiRe, a master of the Tenor saxophone, will bring new compositions and arrangements for this event. 

This promises to be a historical moment in the annals of jazz history in Buffalo you will not want to miss!  The show gets underway at 6 pm.  If you have not been to 189 Public House, you will find a menu of excellent food dishes, as well as, top-level wine and drinks.  Including their own brewed beer and whiskeys. 

Dave schiavone 11The first year of the JazzBuffalo Sunday Jazz Series owes a round of thanks to Phil DiRe for opening the doors of 189 Public House to jazz and for supporting the series.  The supportive partnership with Clark Crook, proprietor of 189 Public, has made possible the presentation of superb jazz artists over the past nine months.  A special thank you goes out to Marty Peters, the notable Buffalo guitarist who also serves as the sound professional for the Sunday Jazz Series.  The sound has been nothing short of perfection!

Look for the JazzBuffalo Sunday Jazz Series to return monthly once again in April of 2016 as we take a break during the winter.  We will once again have a line of promising young jazz artists, superb jazz artists, and jazz legends.  Stay tuned!

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Keep Jazz Alive In WNY!!


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