The 2016 JazzBuffalo Poll Is Now Open!

Jazzbuffalo pollWe have reached the end of another year of fabulous jazz in the JazzBuffalo community!  Now it is time for the third annual JazzBuffalo Poll, which is live for voting!  The JazzBuffalo Poll is designed for the readers of JazzBuffalo and audiences of jazz performances to recognize outstanding jazz artists and jazz performances in 2016!

Many thanks to the over 100 participants who took the time to complete the nominations survey.  You will now see more nominees than ever in each category.  All the artists listed have contributed to the ongoing resurgence of jazz in Greater Buffalo.  Making jazz an integral part of the arts and cultural fabric of Greater Buffalo.  You will also see some new categories, taking the total up to the even number of 30 categories for you to vote on.

(Guidelines for the JazzBuffalo Poll are at the end of this article.)  

(Here is the link to the JazzBuffalo Poll: JazzBuffalo Poll)

Jazz Crusader Of The Year

A new category this year is the 2016 Jazz Crusader of the Year.  The intent is to recognize people who have consistently put forth tremendous support for jazz and further the cause of jazz appreciation.  The following nominees include:

  • Randy Kramer: since the MusicalFare Theater Premier Cabaret Lounge opened, Randy has forged a working partnership with JazzBuffalo to support jazz performances, bringing both local and national performances to the stage, produced jazz-oriented musicals, and enabled jazz ensembles to perform tribute concerts.
  • Clark Crook: Clark has helped to bring jazz to East Aurora by sponsoring the JazzBuffalo Sunday Jazz Series for two straight years, as well as, bringing in national jazz artists such as Charlie Hunter.
  • Jon Nelson: first with Pausa Art House and then with the Art of Jazz Series at the AKG, Jon has championed inventive, free, and artistic jazz in Greater Buffalo.
  • Dawn Berry Walker: Dawn has continued to further evolve the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Society, in memory of her father.   And, has elevated the quality of jazz performances at the annual Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Festival.
  • George Scott: George has spearheaded the historic preservation of the Historic Colored Musicians Club, which now houses a museum, has undergone considerable upgrades, and is nationally recognized.
  • Lazara Matinez Nelson: as the proprietor of Pausa Art House, Lazara continues to champion high-quality jazz performances, making Pausa Art House an integral part of the jazz scene.
  • Steve Backzkowski: Steve has consistently brought high quality international free and improvisational jazz to the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center unlike anywhere else in the country.

John Hunt Jazz Artist Of The Year Award

The nominees for the 2016 John Hunt Jazz Artist Of The Year are also presented in this year’s JazzBuffalo Poll.  As a refresher, John Hunt was the host of WBFO jazz programming in the mid-70’s through the early ‘80’s, whom we lost much too early.  The award is so named for it is meant to recognize the jazz artist who best exemplifies enriching the community through the art form of jazz.  Not only in performances, but also in supporting jazz awareness, enrichment, and appreciation.  The nominees are:

  • Steve Backzkowski: Steve makes another appearance for his consistent efforts as mentioned above, as well as, his performances with the Buffalo Jazz Octet and other notable performances with the likes of bassist Juini Booth.
  • John Bacon, Jr.: last year’s winner makes another appearance due to his extraordinary drumming performances, work with resAUnance and their Migration CD, and serving as a mentor with his original compositions through his creation of the group John Bacon, Jr. and Jazz Current
  • Joe Baudo: In a consistent few years, Joe Baudo has turned the Sportsmen Tavern Lunch Time: Tuesday Big Band and Wednesday Organ Jazz Concerts into an endearing institution.  With many lunch time goers looking forward to attending.  In addition, he can be found performing in small trios, as well as, in big bands.
  • Walter Kemp III:  Walter continues to contribute to the jazz scene here in Buffalo with his passionate dedication to the Historic Colored Musicians Club, his original compositions with Gruvology, his presentation of the CMC Jazz festival, and the launching of Walter Kemp 3oh, which was signed to the BluJazz record label and produced a fabulous CD – Dark Continent.
  • George Caldwell: since moving to Buffalo, George has become one of the area’s most prolific jazz artists in terms of contributing to jazz awareness and appreciation.  His Star People: The Music of Miles Davis ensembles has consistently brought memorable performances to Pausa Art House.  George has also been instrumental in surrounding visiting artists, such as Vincent Herring and Ernie Krivda, with high-quality groups and arrangements.  His new CD with saxophonist Bobby Levell, Accord, shines.
  • Sabu Adeyola: we in the JazzBuffalo community, are most fortunate to have a true jazz legend in our midst.  Sabu’s storied career as a protégé of Charles Mingus and bassist for the celebrated Ahmad Jamal trios is the gateway to his many contributions.  Sabu is a pillar at the Historic Colored Musicians Club, mentor to the youth in the community, delivered one of the outstanding jazz performances of the year at the Lewiston Jazz Festival, and creating innovative concerts such as Jazz Meets Gospel.  And, Sabu delivers an outstanding performance on the stellar CD Whitney Marchelle, Dig Dis released in 2016. 

Recognizing The Vibrancy Of Jazz In Our Community

For jazz fans, here in Greater Buffalo, the JazzBuffalo Poll provides an opportunity to recognize the many jazz artists, groups, venues, and supporters who make our jazz community special.  Your voting will help towards supporting the interwoven presence of jazz in our arts and cultural resources that enhance the quality of life for us all immensely.  Please do take the time to give your thoughtful votes.  (We kindly ask you follow the guidelines listed at the end.)

The JazzBuffalo Poll will be open for voting until Thursday, January 5th.  After which, look for further announcements regarding winners.

(Here is the link to the JazzBuffalo Poll: JazzBuffalo Poll)

Keep Jazz Alive!!


JazzBuffalo Poll Guidelines

JazzBuffalo will need your help with a few guidelines for the JazzBuffalo Poll.  Please keep the following in mind:

  1. One-time voting: the online system for voting is designed for one-time voting per person per computer.  The system will recognize previous attempts to vote.  It is tempting, but please refrain from trying multiple ways to beat the system.
  2. Not a popularity contest: the voting is intended for readers and audiences who have participated by attending, listening, and partaking of jazz performance events.  Thus, making a thoughtful vote on the artists and performances they wish to truly recognize.  Please refrain from the practice of “stacking” votes by asking an entire group or building of people to place a single vote.
  3. One vote per category: you may place one vote per category only.  You may skip categories if you are unable to place a vote due to having no exposure to a specific category.  Again, please refrain from the practice of attempting multiple single vote entries in the manner mentioned above.
  4. Honor system: the JazzBuffalo Poll relies on the honor system of taking the poll one-time through and by those who can make an informed vote.  Although the online system can limit voting to one-time, having an honor system mindset will be appreciated.
  5. It cost money: to conduct a poll cost money.  Attempting what has been mentioned above significantly adds to the cost of conducting the poll.  

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