“Keep JazzBuffalo Alive” Fundraising Campaign Launches!

Jazzbuffalo logo cropped colorIn April of 2014, the first official posting of JazzBuffalo was made.  JazzBuffalo, a d.b.a. and brand of the Greater Buffalo Jazz Society started out as a dream.  Since then, JazzBuffalo has become more than a dream.  It has become a major resource for jazz lovers and jazz musicians.  All who have the same dream in mind.   Which is to keep jazz alive and to build jazz awareness and appreciation.

JazzBuffalo has reached an important inflection point in its tremendous organic growth.  A growth fueled by audiences and their supportive enthusiasm for jazz.  Thus, JazzBuffalo embarks on its first-ever Capital Fundraising Campaign: “Keep JazzBuffalo Alive” to further evolve JazzBuffalo into an important asset of the overall Buffalo Arts & Culture Scene vital to the resurgence of our great city. 

Hot club of buffalo at ijdWhen at an inflection point towards growth, it is often a point to also look back briefly at the many accomplishments that have brought JazzBuffalo to where it is today.  JazzBuffalo has benefited from subscribers to the weekly newsletter, partnerships, enthusiastic audiences, passionate jazz musicians, and caring community-minded people who are passionate about jazz and helping to keep jazz alive.  Let us look at what has evolved since 2014: 

  • JazzBuffalo Jazz In Town Newsletter has reached over 1,000 active subscribers who benefit from news about jazz news and events in the Greater Buffalo jazz scene
  • We have created supportive partnerships to open venues to jazz and to present jazz with such organizations as MusicalFare Theatre, Pausa Art House, 189, Road Less Traveled Theatre, The Meeting House, The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Hotel Henry, Tappo Restaurant, The Hollow Bistro, and more…
  • JazzBuffalo has provided promotional support to the Historic Colored Musicians Club, the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Society, the Carnegie Arts Center, and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in support of jazz festivals and events
  • Have presented international jazz artists at MusicalFare Cabaret Lounge, highlighted by the appearance of 8-time Grammy Nominee Tierney Sutton
  • Provided promotional, producing, and programming support services to the Northwest Jazz Festival and The Albright-Knox Art of Jazz Series
  • Introduced, over the past three years, jazz series and themed/concept performances designed to help build audience awareness and appreciation for jazz
  • Presented important jazz documentary screenings of Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary and I Called Him Morgan through partnership with The Screening Room
  • Provided paid performing opportunities for well over 150 – 200 jazz musicians in the Greater Buffalo Region
  • Produced programming for the month-long April Is Jazz Appreciation Month celebration and hosted a successful International Jazz Day celebration that raised over $1,000 for the MS Walk and the National MS Society
  • We will be entering our 4th annual JazzBuffalo Poll that reached a level of 2200 poll votes last year in nearly 30 categories

Tierney-Sutton-2As you can see, the organic growth of JazzBuffalo has been tremendous and can be contributed to the overwhelming support of enthusiastic audiences throughout Greater Buffalo. 

Where do we go from here?  JazzBuffalo is launching a Capital Fundraising Campaign entitled: Keep JazzBuffalo Alive Campaign!  Our goal is to raise $10,000 to achieve important milestones that will help provide enhanced and robust jazz services to the Greater Buffalo Community.  What will the money be used for?  Let us look at a few important milestones:

  • JazzBuffalo will be working with partners to develop an enhanced robust website that will serve as a hub for jazz news, jazz events, jazz ticket purchases, jazz musician resources, email subscription services, and more…
  • Development of a user-friendly mobile JazzBuffalo App to serve the region
  • Through the enhanced website, offer jazz promotional services to jazz organizations such as the Historic Colored Musicians Club, Hallwalls, Pausa Art House, Buffalo Jazz Collective, Kleinhans Music Hall, Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Society, Buffalo State Performing Arts Center, UB Center for the Arts, and more…
  • Continue to bring international jazz artists to WNY at performing art centers such as MusicalFare Theatre Cabaret Lounge and Pausa Art House where the upcoming concerts by jazz legend Richie Cole and Grammy Winner Elio Villafranca will take place
  • Provide jazz education resources to Buffalo after-school programs in underserved areas via the Jazz For The Next Generation Program
  • Continue to provide promotional support to the Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY, Albright-Knox Art Gallery Art of Jazz Series, other jazz festivals regionally
  • Create a more robust version of the popular online JazzBuffalo Poll and an annual awards ceremony
  • Continue the annual April Is Jazz Appreciation Month Programming and an annual International Jazz Day Celebration  supporting charity causes
  • Continue to produce local Jazz Series, such as the Hotel Henry Jazz Concert Series, that build jazz awareness and appreciation in Greater Buffalo
  • Continue the presentation of important jazz documentaries through JazzBuffalo's partnership with The Screening Room
  • Make use of grant and sponsorship writing services to submit applications for grants and sponsorship funding
  • Pay legal fees associated with application process and lawyer fees for 501c.3 designation
  • Establishment of an Advisory Board and Board of Directors

We are dreaming big and it is achievable!  Will you help keep the JazzBuffalo dream alive?  If you have enjoyed the Jazz In Town newsletter, JazzBuffalo events, the JazzBuffalo Poll, and the resurgence of jazz in Buffalo – will you like to see it continue?  Will you like to have a “go to” website and mobile app enabling you to find jazz and support jazz series across the region?  If so, we will love to count on your generous support.

You can do your small part by contributing to the “Keep JazzBuffalo Alive” Campaign.  Follow this link to our online fundraising event. 

Keep jazzbuffalo alive

Choose to donate from $10 to $100.  And, when you do donate, know that you are keeping the dream of JazzBuffalo, started three years ago for you – the audience, alive!  

Keep Jazz Alive!!

Tony Zambito

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