4th Annual (2017) JazzBuffalo Poll Is Now Open For Voting!

Jazzbuffalo pollThe 4th Annual (2017) JazzBuffalo Poll, beginning on New Year’s Day, January 1, is now open for voting.  The 2017 JazzBuffalo Poll gives readers and jazz fans a chance to weigh in with their opinions and impressions on the top Greater Buffalo jazz musicians, groups, and advocates of the past year. 

Readers of JazzBuffalo and jazz fans throughout Greater Buffalo will have the opportunity to vote in 34 categories.  The categories consist of nominees, collected through a public nominations survey from December 18 through December 27, representing jazz instrumental artistry, jazz groups, jazz performances, jazz venues, and jazz advocates.

Each year since its inception, the JazzBuffalo Poll has seen a significant increase in the number of people participating in voting.  Enabling an opportunity to recognize the tremendous resurgence of jazz in Greater Buffalo fostered by an influx of youth, exciting new projects, and new popular jazz series.  The poll highlights talents from both established jazz performers and young rising stars in the community. 

The finalists for the 2017 JazzBuffalo John Hunt Jazz Artist of the Year Award are Tim Clarke, Walter Kemp III, George Caldwell, and Dave Schiavone.  Nominated by readers and fans for their collaborative spirit in contributing to the betterment of the jazz scene here in Greater Buffalo.  

This year’s poll will include new categories including a category noting ex-pat jazz artists who continue to perform in Buffalo when they return for visits.  Voters can access the poll at this link:

2017 JazzBuffalo Poll

The 2017 JazzBuffalo Poll will be open for voting for approximately 7 to 10 days (no later than January 10th) with winners announced on January 14th on the JazzBuffalo website (jazzbuffalo.org). 

Enjoy voting!   

Keep Jazz Alive!!

5 thoughts on “4th Annual (2017) JazzBuffalo Poll Is Now Open For Voting!

  1. She has a beautiful voice and was endearing to watch. She sings with passion and gets the crowd mesmerized. The whole band itself is amazing and would recommend anyone to watch their performance.

  2. Darn, nobody I wanted to vote for is nominated. Just kidding! I guess as long as you had a pulse you could get nominated!

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