El Coco Delivers Historic Night At Hotel Henry Jazz Concert Series

Wednesday, May 9th will certainly be etched as one of the memorable jazz events of 2018!  El Coco, the Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz group, delivered an awe-inspiring performance that kept the audience spell-bound.  The group, no doubt, shattered misconceptions about Cuban music if there were any.  They surprised the audience with emotionally provocative classical leanings in Cuban-based jazz music. Their performance enabled a new appreciation for the myriad of influences that create the beauty of Cuban folkloric music and its core foundation in Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz.

The mesmerizing violin of Lazara Martinez, the rhythmic prowess of Vladimir Espinosa, the genius of Michel Ferré compositions, the folkloric singing and trumpet of Hansel Herrera, and the melodic bass of Jerry Livingston brought the audience to its feet for a rousing standing ovation.   They delivered authentic original Cuban music unlike anything heard before now.  The music transported many in the audience, imaginatively, to the island nation of Cuba for an evening.

It was a historic night for jazz in Greater Buffalo.  Thanks are due to the generosity of the Hotel Henry, which opened its space to the community for the concert series.  An audience of 220 plus experienced world-class jazz in Buffalo’s newest cultural treasure.  Many thanks, to Geno and Diana Principe and Kristie Pottle for making this community-wide experience possible.

A special thank you is owed to the terrific sound engineering by Paul Hage – who warmed up the crowd by playing the fantastic original Mediterranean Jazz music on the Paul Hage Mirage band’s Dynamic CD.

A most special thanks to Brent Minet who lent his high-acoustic quality keyboard to Michel Ferré to use for this concert.  Brent came “out of the blue” to lend the keyboard after a call when out to musicians who have benefitted from JazzBuffalo promotions and Pausa bookings for this need.  Brent had not benefitted from either and yet responded with this enormous gesture of generosity!  A true Buffalo good neighbor!

Once again, we are treated to the stunning photography of JazzBuffalo contributor, Jack Zuff.  Jack devotes his time to capture these events in his unique artistic manner allowing all to relive memorable moments.  Much thanks to Jack!!  Enjoy the gallery of these incredible photos below.

Lastly, JazzBuffalo, El Coco, and the Hotel Henry thank the audience of 220 plus strong who attended.  Your patronage means much and what a showing of appreciation for jazz.  We hope to see many of you again for the next concert in the series featuring the Beatle Jazz Quintet – in what will surely be another memorable night.  Get tickets soon for these concerts are selling out!


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