Carol Welsman Endears Herself To Fans With “For You” Album And Concert

Carol Welsman

Carol Welsman has an endearing connection with her audiences worldwide.  People around the globe have fallen in love with her inviting personality, warm lovely voice, piano mastery, and ability to sing in multiple languages.  Welsman latest album of songs, For You, fortifies her relationship with loyal fans, as well as, invites new listeners into her world of songs filled with standards, ballads, and bossa nova.

The six-times Juno Award Nominee reached out to her fans on social media to help choose tracks for her latest album.  The album is entitled For You as mentioned above.   Welsman reached out to her fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her website to offer 30-second sound clips of 23 solo piano and vocal tracks.  She asked her fans to choose their favorites of the 23.  Based on the votes, she then took the top fifteen (15) songs chosen and produced the For You album.

The album adds to the growing adoration for the musical talents of the Canadian-born jazz vocalist who now resides in Los Angeles.  The songs chosen by her fans included classic standards such as “Skylark,” “The Shadow of Your Smile” and “My Funny Valentine.”  She performs “My Foolish Heart” in a manner that sweeps the audience up in waves of emotions.  Her take on the Carpenter’s “Close To You” is stunningly beautiful and reimagined.  Her vocals accompanied by her solo piano is a real gem and bound to bring back a flood of memories for those who loved the original.  Here is the song that appears on the For You album:

On this album and for audiences worldwide, Welsman uses her fluency in multiple languages to get closer to her fans.  She sings in Spanish (“Besame Mucho”), French (“The Dead Leaves”) and Italian (“Ti Guardero Nel Cuor”).   Hearing “Corcovado” in its native language is a gem.

Carol Welsman will bring her special connection with audiences to Buffalo on Saturday, October 20th for a performance at MusicalFare Theater Premier Cabaret Lounge.  The simple beauty of her vocals and piano will be augmented by the stellar jazz guitarist Eric Johnson and bassist extraordinaire Don Wasson.  Both from Pittsburgh and veterans of the New York and Philadelphia jazz scenes.  The intimate setting of the lounge will make for an emotive evening where the song “Close To You” will take on a special meaning.

The concert, presented by JazzBuffalo, takes places on Saturday, October 20th at 8 pm.  Reserved seating is available $30 by calling the MusicalFare Box Office at 716-839-8540 or at the MusicalFare website:

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