5th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll Now Open For Voting

The 5th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll is officially open for public voting beginning Sunday, January 13, 2019.  Votes will soon begin to pour in for 35 categories consisting of nominees representing jazz artists, groups, venues, and supporters.  The winners of the 5th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll will be announced on February 13th at the Hotel Henry Jazz Concert Series.  The evening will include a performance concert by Wendell Rivera Latin Jazz Ensemble.

The 5th year of the poll, recognizing the year of 2018, represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the poll.  More than ever, the poll is indicative of the resurgence of jazz music availability in Greater Buffalo.  The area saw a significant increase in the diversity and variety of jazz in more venues. 

The poll will introduce new categories related to the variety of jazz now available.  In addition to voting in diverse categories such as Trumpet, Drums, Big Band, and Venue, voters will be able to cast votes for Jazz European/World, Jazz-Pop, and Jazz Trad/Dixieland.   

In the category, John Hunt Jazz Artist of the Year, the poll will present the largest number of nominees since the inception of the poll.

The poll offers audiences, readers of JazzBuffalo, and the fans of jazz to weigh in with their opinions on the top jazz musicians, groups, supporters, and performances in Greater Buffalo. 

Now is your time to vote!  The poll can be taken directly below, or you can click here: 5th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

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