Joe Lovano Debuts Intimate Beauty Of Trio Tapestry

The Grammy Award Winning composer, arranger, and jazz saxophonist, Joe Lovano, debuted the first live performance of his new major works with ECM Records, Trio Tapestry, on Sunday, January 27.  The concert, held at Albright-Knox Art Gallery as part of the Art of Jazz Series, was the trio’s first-ever outing since the Trio Tapestry album was recorded and then released on Friday, January 25th.

In perhaps the most expressive and improvisational music composed by Lovano, the shape of the music comes together with inspirational contributions by Marilyn Crispell on piano and Carmen Castaldi on drums.  On this Sunday afternoon, with the beauty of winter exposed artistically through the large windows, beauty did reign.  Lovano’s compositions and the trio’s performance were an intimate and beautiful journey through music and sound.  Inclusive of the use of gongs by Lovano, mesmerizing introductions by Crispell, and exploratory use of cymbals by Castaldi.   

Exemplary of the afternoon was the intricate piece, Seeds of Change.  Crispell’s introduction is illuminating.  Lovano weaves into the song melodic intonations that are peaceful to the ear.  While Castaldi’s expressive use of cymbals and the drums fills the room with color. 

Here is the tune Seeds of Change:

The essence of the afternoon was an exercise in watching and listening to three artists in constant conversation.  Every piece of music performed was conversational.  Particularly between Crispell and Lovano.  The collaboration taking place on the stage gave the audience a spiritual-like experience.  Meditative and contemplative in its breath.

The word tapestry is befitting.  Lovano’s vision weaves a combination of unique sounds together that are intricately intimate.  Transforming the stage into a live canvas.  The audience witnesses a fabric of music slowly developing.  And, by the end, appreciating the exquisite beauty of this fabric of music painted by three stellar artists.  Taking it home in their memory as a prized possession.

Here is a video, produced by ECM, that offers more insights into the magic of Trio Tapestry:

The Magic of Trio Tapestry

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