João Gilberto: 10 Bossa Nova Songs We Love

The beloved Brazilian artist João Gilberto died at the age of 88 on Saturday, July 6. Leaving behind a forever-lasting genre of music that is loved the world over – Bossa Nova. The style of music Gilberto pioneered in the 1950s launched a wave of music from Brazil to the United States and beyond. Influencing jazz and pop music that are now staples of American music history.

Gilberto’s composition Chega de Saudade in the late 1950s is largely credited as the first Bossa Nova song and hit introducing the new style of music to Brazil and the world. The mixing of traditional samba music with American jazz created a new and modern style of music that crossed borders.

Collaborating with saxophonist Stan Getz, the pair propelled the new music of Bossa Nova into the mainstream of popular music. The Getz/Gilberto album released on Verve in 1964 featured hits such as The Girl From Ipanema and Corcovado (Quiet Nights). The album also won the Album of the Year Award by the Grammy in that year.

Here are ten songs we have come to love by the guitarist, singer, and composer João Gilberto. Beginning with the one that started it all, Chega de Saudade.

Chega de Saudade

Meditacão (Meditation)

Você e Eu

Corcovado (Quiet Nights)


The Girl From Ipanema

Bim Bom

Bolinha de Papel

Samba da Minha Terra


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