Jane Bunnett Describes Her Connection To Cuba On NPR

On Sunday, December 15 at 3 pm, Buffalo gets a special visit from the 3-time Grammy Nominee in Latin Jazz, Jane Bunnett and her all-Cuban females’ ensemble Maqueque. Jane Bunnett’s Maqueque concept began five years ago and has evolved into one of the premier Latin Jazz and Cuban Jazz ensembles today.

Their previous release, Oddara, garnered a Grammy nomination and they’ve now released a follow-up album, On Firm Ground/Terra Firmé. Further expanding their unique Cuban jazz sound. Read more about this new release here on JazzBuffalo: On Firm Ground

NPR’s Felix Contreras recently caught up with Jane Bunnett and the all-women band while they were on tour for this engaging NPR interview. Bunnett describes the origin and the mission behind the Maqueque project.

Listen and afterward view a video of one of their latest songs from On Firm Ground/ Terra Firmé. And, then get tickets to not miss this sensational ensemble. (Read further and learn of a discount you can apply!)

Get tickets for Jane Bunnett and Maqueque – A Latin Christmas with special guest slide guitarist Nikki Brown and an opening solo performance by Saranide. Apply the discount code of TYJB5 to receive $5 off any ticket! Bring students and children to the state-of-the-art Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center on Sunday, December, 15th at 3 pm.

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(Photo Credit: Lauren Deutsch)

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