This #GivingTuesday You Are Invited To Become A JazzBuffalo Patron

It is hard to believe that six years ago JazzBuffalo was founded.  Founded on the simple belief that we can enrich our community by building jazz awareness and appreciation.  Without a doubt, we struck a jazz chord!  Especially since the launch of the new JazzBuffalo digital platform, we have seen our readership and engagement grow. 

With nearly 2,500 subscribers and 7,000 plus site visits monthly, readers are enjoying the latest on jazz events and compelling stories.  We continue to climb in community awareness of JazzBuffalo as readers make the site their go-to source for jazz events in the region.  Through partnering efforts with arts organizations and landmark institutions, JazzBuffalo has been able to present some of the finest jazz in the community.  Bringing us together as one through the universal language of music.

Why Becoming A Patron Can Help Us All

The success of JazzBuffalo can be attributed to the tremendous support of audiences and readers.  A testament to this growth is the active participation in the annual JazzBuffalo Poll voted on by readers like you!

And, most importantly, let us not forget the partnering spirit of the Hotel Henry, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, MusicalFare Theater, Terrace at Delaware Park, Chandlerville, and many others who have enabled the music of jazz to be heard.  Through our performances, we strengthen and contribute to the overall cultural and artistic diversity of the region.

We are excited about future growth plans that we hope to share in the near future!

Now it is time to broaden our financial support in the community so that we can continue to grow and sustain for the long-term.  JazzBuffalo is an example of the growth of meaningful localized digital news in a community.  We are seeing an unprecedented decline in print newspapers and the loss of news about the arts in communities across the country.  JazzBuffalo is a grassroots response to this type of loss.   One that is essential to keeping a city vibrant and to keep its citizens informed.

When you support JazzBuffalo, you are not only keeping jazz alive but keeping the art of journalism alive.

We launch the next chapter for JazzBuffalo as we transition to a patron-supported organization.  Our readers and supporters have the opportunity to now become our patrons.  For as little as $1/month, you can voluntarily help us to continue to grow and become a vital part of our community. 

On this #GivingTuesday, will you become a patron of JazzBuffalo?  By saying yes, your patronage will go a long way towards making a significant contribution to the long-term growth of JazzBuffalo!

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