Where Is The Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center And The Jane Bunnett and Maqueque Concert?

(This is a reprise of an article written back in June to describe the Flickinger Performing Arts Center when JazzBuffalo presented Veronica Swift with the Emmet Cohen Trio. The subsequent concert with Jane Bunnett and Maqueque takes place on Sunday, December 15 at 3 pm.)

Since JazzBuffalo announced the first concert featuring jazz vocalist Veronica Swift with the award-winning jazz pianist Emmet Cohen, as well as, the JazzBuffalo Premier Jazz Series to be held at the Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center, we received plenty of questions. Such questions as:

  • Where is the Glenn and Awdry Flickinger Performing Arts Center located?
  • What is it like?
  • Is it suitable for jazz?
  • How do I get there?
  • Is there parking?
  • What is the sound like?
  • Who uses it?

Let’s see if we can shed light on what is a hidden gem, in terms of a performing arts center right here in Buffalo.

Where is it located?

The Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center is located on the Nichols School Campus in North Buffalo. Situated on the corner of Amherst Street and Colvin Street, directly across the street from the Amherst Street entrance to Delaware Park. The campus runs along Amherst Street between Colvin and Nottingham Terrace. Here is a Google Map snapshot of the location:

Is there plenty of parking?

Yes, there is plenty of parking available. There are four parking areas. Two areas are directly off of two Amherst Street entrances and an additional two parking areas are accessible via the Colvin Street entrance. This is the Nichols Campus Map showing the four parking areas with the Flickinger PAC highlighted.

Nichols School Campus – The Flickinger PAC Is Highlighted

What is it like inside?

The Flickinger PAC is a state-of-the-art stand-alone venue with professional seating, acoustics, lighting, professional stage, baby grand piano, and comfortable seating. The back of the PAC houses a small art gallery. This is a view from the stage of the seating. As you can see, the view of the audience will make any jazz artist excited.

Nichols Flickinger PAC

Who else performs here?

In addition to serving as a facility for Nichols School, the Flickinger PAC has hosted a variety of performing arts. Including BPO Chamber ensembles, Nigel Ballet, regional auditions for the Metropolitan Opera, musical theater productions, a variety of dance companies, and music concerts. All requiring state-of-the-art professional quality.

Image result for review of the Glenn and Awdry Flickinger Performing Arts Center

Is it suitable for jazz?

Very much so! We will be utilizing the professional computerized audio and lighting that already exists, as well as, augmenting with a professional sound set up. We will achieve the same artistic quality we have come to enjoy, for example, at the Albright-Knox Art of Jazz Series.

Image result for professional sound for jazz

What and when is the next concert in the new JazzBuffalo Premier Jazz Series to take place at the Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center?

JazzBuffalo will present the next concert featuring Juno award-winning and Grammy-nominated jazz artists on Sunday, December 15 at 3 pm. The concert will feature 3-time Grammy-nominated Jane Bunnett and Maqueque in “A Latin Christmas” show. Visit this JazzBuffalo article for more information: On Firm Ground With The Third Incarnation of Jane Bunnett And Maqueque.

Here is a recent video of this award-winning group!

The show will also feature a very rare appearance by the Sacred Steel Guitar international superstar, Nikki Brown.

Opening the concert will be the multi-talented rising star Buffalo artist Saranaide in a solo performance. Saranaide released a new single and video on Saturday, November 15th that’s fantastic.

You can order tickets directly below for this special concert. We hope you will come and experience the Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center as we launch a new initiative to bring award-winning jazz artists to Buffalo!

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