6th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll Is Now Open For Voting

The 6th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll is now open to the public for voting. Each year, the community has the opportunity to recognize their favorite jazz artists, groups, advocates, venues, and supporters.

There are nominees in 35 categories representing individual and ensemble jazz performances, support, and initiatives. The winners of the 6th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll will be announced on February 19th at the Hotel Henry Jazz Concert Series. 

The growth of jazz accessibility in the area continues. Indicative of this growth is the number of nominees in each category. Jazz has sprouted in new areas such as Black Rock and The Chandler Street destination. And, the variety of jazz continues to expand.

The poll offers audiences, readers of JazzBuffalo, and the fans of jazz in the community to weigh in with their opinions on their favorite jazz musicians, groups, supporters, and performances in Greater Buffalo. 

Now is your time to vote!  The poll will be open until January 19. The poll can be taken directly below (scroll within the window) or you can click here: 6th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

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5 thoughts on “6th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll Is Now Open For Voting

    1. A jazz fan or fellow musician nominates you. I know you’ve played with Andy Peruzzini so will add your name to list – albeit a little late. 🙂

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