The Only Thing That Matters, Right Now: Stay Home

As we watch the latest announcement by Governor Cuomo regarding a 100% reduction in workforce statewide due to COVID19, we are most likely in a state of shock and astonishment. The mandate calls for all non-essential workers to stay home.

We have been hit by a barrage of new terms on how to conduct our daily lives. Social distancing, isolation, quarantines, hand-washing rituals, non-essential, hoarding, and many more. Causing confusion, disruption, and an upending of every fabric of life. Without a doubt, we will continue to hear more.

In my professional life and career, I have advised some of the largest companies in the country over the past 20 years. Particularly in the area of understanding how people arrive at choices, exhibit buying behaviors, and receive messages. Through qualitative research, we try to arrive at the one thing that matters most in the minds of consumers or business buyers.

This is where we find ourselves today. Accepting the one thing that matters, right now. There is no before to waste time on or after to speculate on. We are at a critical moment of now.

And, the one thing that matters, right now, is to stay home.

Staying home will save countless lives. When in doubt about what to do next, remember two words: stay home.

This is our civic duty to protect all citizens, our families, our children, our neighbors, and our friends.

I implore upon all of our jazz artists and musicians, in general, to heed to this call of duty. We need to spread the light of music to many in isolation and many musicians want to rush to do live streaming. However, do it within the confines of your home and practice staying within a safe distance from each other.

The JazzBuffalo Livestream with the Duo+ last evening (Thursday, March 19) was exemplary in terms of doing it from home, practicing a safe distance, and bringing the joy of music to those who watched. Please, musicians, do not gather in public spaces to attempt live streaming. Many people are dependent upon your actions.

Most notably, do this for the many healthcare workers who are risking their lives every day to handle just the beginning of the overwhelming flow of patients about to hit the hospital network system. We owe it to them.

To all jazz audiences and fans, the same applies. It will be a calling for us to exercise our highest sense of looking out for each other as we never have had to do in many a generation.

There is only one thing that matters, right now. Stay home

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