Kyle Yagielski Entertains With His Split-Screen Musical Personalities

Since his days at the University of Buffalo and founding the Buffalo Brass Machine (recently renamed The Brass Machine), Kyle Yagielski has entertained with his exuberance for jazz. Yagielski is a multi-talented musician playing trumpet, trombone, singing, and hoisting the tuba on his shoulders with The Brass Machine. Becoming a familiar face for the growing fan base of the funky New Orleans style music the eight-piece ensemble performs throughout the region.

Kyle recently moved back to his hometown of Albany but continues to serve as the leader of The Brass Machine. The COVID-19 pandemic has, unfortunately, put a halt on the ensemble’s excitingly received concerts. Since the stay-at-home guidelines, Kyle has been putting another talent of his on display – multi-instrumental split-screen videos.

Here are few that will undoubtedly entertain, including a barbershop vocal treatment:

In these videos, Kyle is using technology to entertain us in a way that would be hard to do in a live performance. Even with looping capabilities expanding.

One day soon we hope, we will be able to get out and catch the exuberance of Kyle and The Brass Machine. For now, we can appreciate these fabulous videos and the unique talents of Kyle Yagielski.

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