JazzBuffalo Takeout Music: Tyler Westcott Leads Group in 1919 Trad Jazz Song

You have to love the ingenuity of our next generation of jazz artists in our area. One such individual is Tyler Westcott. The multi-genre bending guitarists/vocalist can be found playing in jazz, Dixieland, NOLA, Gypsy Jazz, blues, and more.

Here in this instance, Tyler Westcott uses digital technology to lead a group of friends and musicians from various groups to tackle a 1919 traditional jazz song. Tyler describes it as:

I ain’t gonna give nobody none ‘o’ this jellyroll also known as I ain’t gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll was published in 1919 by Spencer and Clarence Williams. Clarence Williams was a prolific composer and he contributed so many great songs that are standards in the repertoire of the traditional jazz world. It’s pretty cool that we can communicate musically through technology without ever having met or played together. From Buffalo to St. Louis!”

Appearing in multiple screens are:

Alto sax – Ellen Pieroni (Ellen Pieroni Music, Folkfaces, The Duo+)

Washboard – Bruce II Fritzen (Chris James Band)

Trumpet – Anne G. Linders (Annie and the Fur Trappers)

Trombone – Matthew Hawke (White Hot Brass Band)

Clarinet – Rudolph Emilio Torrini (Annie and the Fur Trappers)

Tuba – Kyle Yagielski (The Brass MachineKidd Kyle & The Big Deal)

Banjo & Vocal – Tyler Westcott Music (FolkfacesBanjo Juice Jazz BandThe Paper Roses)

In this JazzBuffalo Takeout Music pick, enjoy the creativity coming out of our #stayhome days:


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