JazzBuffalo Takeout Music: Cheryl Ferris Makes Us Smile

Both locally and around the world, sad news involving the loss of friends and jazz artists continue to be heard. In times like these, certain songs remind of simple human gestures that help.

One such song is the Charlie Chaplin song, Smile, from his 1934 movie, Modern Times. The song remained an instrumental until 1954 when John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons created lyrics. Some may remember that the song became a staple of the late Jimmy Durante.

Here is a version from one of the finest vocalists in the area, Cheryl Ferris. She is accompanied by longtime jazz pianist extraordinaire John Hasselback, Sr. Cheryl states:

“I share this beautiful song to bring some strength and light to those we love who are going through painful times right now.”

In this JazzBuffalo Takeout Music pick for a sunny Sunday morning, have your spirits uplifted by Cheryl Ferris singing this aptest tune accompanied by John Hasselback, Sr.

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