JazzBuffalo Takeout Music: Easy Street Big Band Are “Just Friends”

What to do when you have a big band and all of you are friends? Nowhere to go and nowhere to perform in the COVID19 world of shelter-in-place.

Paul Siekierski, the bassist for the Easy Street Big Band, decided that if they could not do it physically – let’s try digitally. Wading through the waters of the “how-to,” Paul led an effort for the band to record the tune “Just Friends.” Where the band joined together virtually from their home as a big band and made a YouTube video.


The Easy Street Big Band brings together 18 very talented jazz musicians from the WNY region. Performing throughout the region, they have become one of the area’s most popular big bands. The band and its members show up frequently in the annual JazzBuffalo Poll whereby audiences vote for their favorites in group and individual categories.

Since 2008, through performances and rehearsals, the band members have become friends. And, an award-winning big band. The tune “Just Friends” is an apropos song for this group of musicians. Enjoy their virtual home performance of the 1931 classic jazz standard composed by John Klenner¬†with lyrics by¬†Sam M. Lewis.

2 thoughts on “JazzBuffalo Takeout Music: Easy Street Big Band Are “Just Friends”

  1. Tony…for some reason i have for today,sunday 5/31…..a. notation for 6:00 PM Jazz at 1st Presbyterian…….Is there a livestream from the church today?
    Also…if interested, AFA ( Arts for Art) in NYC is doing livestream jazz wednesdays and fridays,8:00 Typically 1/2 hr music followed by a 1/2 hr hang. AFA ,of course, is the group that puts on the Vision Festival in NYC,late spring.

    1. Hi Alan, not aware of any live stream from 1st Pres. Most likely series was canceled back in March. Aware of AFA – had the Sun Ra celebration on JazzBuffalo – but will get the Wed/Fri up also. Thanks!

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