Jared Tinkham Reimagines “The Nearness Of You” To Reflect Our Current Times

Back in April, JazzBuffalo profiled jazz guitarist Jared Tinkham and his original tune “The Gaze.” A song addressing the suddenness of the COVID-19 global pandemic and its impact on our daily lives. If you missed it, you can read the article at this link: “The Gaze”

As we learned then, Jared has an imaginative mind and talent for composing and arranging. This time, Tinkham reimagines a classic jazz standard, “The Nearness Of You”, into an exciting collage of tempos and harmonies. It is within this process of arranging that Tinkham hopes to communicate a message. Here is how he expressed his message personally when sharing the music video on Facebook:

“I chose to arrange this song because I thought of the various way in which we’ve all been affected by the pandemic restrictions. Some of us are essential workers, who continue to work in such a dangerous world, all the while being treated horribly by customers, and watching their friends collect unemployment. Some of us have been unable to successfully file for employment, and have been financially depressed. Some of us live with immunocompromised friends/families, and have to live in fear of accidentally exposing them, and the amount of guilt that would follow. Some of us are enjoying our time during the quarantine, but are unaware of their slowly decreasing mental health. My perception of these scenarios helped inspire me to reharmonize each verse, so that they could tell their own story.

Furthermore, I thought the songs’ lyrics draw a parallel to the irony that most Americans have faced during the quarantine. We all desperately want to see and be near each other, to the point of breaking the rules of the various restrictions in place – which in turn, unfortunately, jeopardizes our chances of the quarantine being lifted, so that we can actually see and be near the ones we love, without the risk of infecting each other. Many Americans have acted very selfishly in our current national emergency, and I thought this arrangement could help shed some light on that.

To conclude, here’s to hoping the Pandemic is not permanent, and looking forward to celebrating when this whole thing is over.”

The music video features Jared Tinkham on guitar, Ed Croft on bass, John Bacon on drums, and an effervescent appearance by jazz vocalist Lindsey Holland. Tinkham also credits  Noah Almekinder for guiding him on how to mix music and video.

Take a view and a listen to another superb arrangement and production from Jared Tinkham:

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