The Pandemic Brings Out The Creative Musical Personalities Of Paul Todaro

Paul Todaro is a bassist, vocalist, arranger, songwriter, and bandleader. That’s just in music. Todaro is also an actor and was often found performing in dramas throughout the region. For a person with this much talent, the coronavirus pandemic can feel like a door shutting loudly and abruptly.

It must be hard to keep all that expressive desire to perform and make music bottled up. As some jazz artists have done recently, Paul has found a way to take his multi-talented art and music live on the Internet and via Facebook. In a series of digitally mixed songs as either a soloist or with invited guests, he has been sharing fantastically produced digitally mixed tunes.

Most of the songs are in the Texas Swing Style of jazz. For those who know Paul Todaro, this will be no surprise. Paul has been the bandleader for the popular Texas swing band, The Skiffle Minstrels. Prior to the pandemic, you would find them playing throughout the region to a base of loyal followers.

The band consists of Paul Todaro (bass, vocals); Phil Knoerzer (guitar, harmonica); Jim Whitford (lap steel); Bill “Hutch” Hutchison (drums); Chris Jones (fiddle); Dave Mussen (Clarient). In some of the songs posted, you will find noted trumpeter, Tim Clarke. Included also is a neat take on a Beatles’ tune with Todd Benzin.

No doubt, Paul has been one of our more creative community art and music contributors here in WNY. Let us all hope the pandemic eventually retreats and allows us to view his musical magic live someday soon.

Here are a few favorites Paul has produced – either as a soloist mixing in various musical harmonies or with band members or with a special guest:

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