Spyro Gyra Release Video Featuring Medley Of Early Hits

Spyro Gyra has had an amazing 40 plus years run at producing and performing their unique jazz fusion sound. Originating from Congress Street in the West Side of Buffalo in 1977, the band became a worldwide sensation. Their first album, self-entitled, was released in 1977 under the Crosseyed Bear Records label and then picked up by Amherst Records.

Since Spyro Gyra has produced over 30 albums in its long history. Some chart-topping crossover hits.

The recent pandemic has the band off the road of touring in perhaps its quietest time ever. With many postponements lasting until 2021, the band recently got together to create a digital video where they play a medley of early hits. For fans from its early years, it a nostalgic trip.

Here are Jay Beckenstein, saxophones; Tom Schuman, keyboards; Julio Fernandez, guitar; Scott Ambush, bass; Lionel Cordew, drums getting together virtually to entertain:

8 thoughts on “Spyro Gyra Release Video Featuring Medley Of Early Hits

  1. Congrats on your tremendous career. I was a broadcasting student at the University of Southern Colorado back in the mid 70’s, and we definitely jammed your music on our college station, my college broadcasting friends would follow you when you came to Red Rocks, Colorado Springs, and wherever you may have come. Keep on going with your great music. eddie g

  2. Congrats on many years off keeping us happy with your fantastic music. I have been a fan since the FreeTime tour, AND, I still have the T-Shirt.
    Spyro Gyra is an absolutely awesome band, have seen you perform any time you come to the east coast. Thank you for being Spyro Gyra and thanks for this ultra cool video!!.
    Dracut MA.

  3. Hands down, you guys are absolutely the best jazz fusion band ever! Have enjoyed listening the past 40+ years. Keep it coming!!

  4. I have no idea how you guys keep this going year after year and still keep it so fresh. Not to mention all the touring you do! But you’ll always sell at least 2 tickets when your in the Philly area. I’ve been with you guys since the beginning and I’m hoping we’re still together for a long time to come

  5. All of the library.. is so vividly alive and valid great te for you to edit any and all to suit the changes in you .. my favorite I still play guitar too.. awakening on carnival played it the day my grandson was born fitting entrance to a complicated world.. shine at your great influence this and these Spyro gyra titles have surrounded every experience of our simple yet complex lives 1000000 thank you-s echoes eye light over heavens and took our hearts on that beautiful ride .. always a immersion of the spryo gyra catalogue.. dave

  6. Nice mix guys been following you since the first album.
    Happy to have finally met you Jay when you were in Melbourne at Birds Basement,I waited long enough!!
    Looking forward to replaying the cancelled show here in Melbourne in the not too distant future.

    All the best and stay safe guys

    Len Davis
    Presenter of Bitches Brew
    Jazz -Rock-Fusion
    Melbourne Australia

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