Burchfield Penney Checks-In With Dawn Berry Walker

During the past five years, one of the most anticipated jazz events has been the John Coltrane Birthday Celebration. The annual event is spearheaded by the Executive and Artistic Director of the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective, Dawn Berry Walker. Walker has kept the promise echoed by the legendary jazz artist Pappy Martin, her father, to celebrate the birthday of the jazz legend each year.

The annual celebration has enabled us to enjoy jazz artists such as Vincent Herring, Gary Bartz, Curtis Lundy, JD Allen, and Jimmy Heath. Memorable moments provided by all. Burchfield Penney Art Center has been the gracious host of the event each year.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pappy Martin Legacy Jazz Collective had to take a pause on the promise to celebrate Coltrane’s birthday. His birthday is celebrated each year on September 23rd. John Coltrane was born in 1926 and left the jazz world much too early at the age of 40 in July of 1967.

The Burchfield Penney checked-in with Dawn Berry Walker on the birthdate of John Coltrane in this recorded video. Enjoy and learn more about the annual John Coltrane Birthday celebration:


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