Mary Ramsey Kicks Off “Live From Premier Cabaret Lounge” With Mesmerizing Joy

The new live streaming jazz concert series produced by JazzBuffalo and MusicalFare Theatre went online last night (Friday, October 2) with Mary Ramsey and Friends. When asked in the preceding interview what she hoped to accomplish during the concert, Mary Ramsey stated, “I hope to bring joy and some toe-tapping.”

For many that went online, the lead singer of the 10,000 Maniacs brought much joy. With lively toe-tapping through her exploration of jazz standards and originals.

Ramsey delivers the aura of a star who has the rare gift of making a concert before thousands feel like an intimate experience. Last night was no exception. From the first number of “Moonglow,” she transformed living rooms into private concerts. Interweaving a supporting cast of musicians to bring mesmerizing joy.

Over the course of ninety minutes, Mary Ramsey on viola and vocals, Marc Rosen on guitar, Stu Weissman on guitar, and Ed Croft on upright bass presented a diverse program. Consisting of ballads and renditions of Great American Songbook standards. Bringing out the best of Mary Ramsey’s unique vocal and viola artistry.

Producing a live stream concert experience takes a concerted effort. Bringing high-quality video and sound to the first live stream were:

Chris Cavanaugh – Production Direction and Video

Mark Percy – Audio Sound

Kevin Fahey – Lighting and Video

Jack Zuff – Photography

Theresa Quinn – Chat Interaction

Randy Kramer, Executive Director of MusicalFare Theatre and Tony Zambito, Executive Director of JazzBuffalo, look forward to presenting the next performance. Scheduled for Friday, October 16th, the series will feature The Hot Club of Buffalo. The region’s premier Gypsy Jazz group. Tickets are available at the following link:

Enjoy the following photo gallery by JazzBuffalo contributor and photographer extraordinaire, Jack Zuff. The photos convey a special joyful evening:

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