Philippe Lemm, Jeff Koch, and Adam Kromelow To Perform Memorial Jazz Concert Live-Stream Remembering Angelo Di Loreto

On Friday, December 4, close friends of Angelo Di Loreto will pay tribute to their brother in jazz as well as in life, Angelo Di Loreto. Philippe Lemm, Jeff Koch, and Adam Kromelow will perform music from The Philippe Lemm Trio and Genesis Piano Project in a night of remembering Angelo. What follows is a message asking for your participation in celebrating Angelo’s life, latest album, and causes:

On October 17 we lost our dear friend and our musical brother Angelo Di Loreto. Angelo was part of my beginning, present, and future since I moved to New York almost 10 years ago. A phenomenal musician, a generous soul, and a dear friend. I’ll miss you. 

Exactly 1 year ago, during a European tour, we started with the recording of a new album at Power Sound Studios in Amsterdam and First Steps became the result.

Angelo lived a very full, giving, and productive life. He also lived his adult life with anxiety and depression. We want this album to be a beautiful and uplifting memory of him. A tribute to his incredible playing, his beautiful compositions, and his never-ending love for music.

Through the sales of this album and the merchandise, we want to create more awareness for mental health by donating the profits to the National Association of Mental Illness.

On December 4th we will do a live stream concert from Angelo’s home town Buffalo together with pianist Adam Kromelow with whom Angelo formed the Genesis Piano Project. The proceeds from this concert will go to the Mental Health Association of Erie County in Buffalo.

In the last month, we worked together with Angelo’s sister, Marina Di Loreto, on a short video for the album. Marina is a dancer and in this video, she improvised a choreography around the theme of the album. Taking the first steps during uncertain times and how to maneuver without reference. Angelo, besides an amazing musician, was also a professional voice actor. The voice-over in this video is Angelo’s voice.

Purchase Music, Merchandise, and Digital Pass Ticket to Memorial Jazz Concert Live-Stream

By going to the links provided below, you can purchase First Step and other music as well as a digital pass to the memorial jazz concert. A portion of the album and merchandise sales proceeds will be donated to the National Association of Mental Illness. A portion of the digital pass ticket sales proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Association of Erie County in Buffalo. Both in Angelo Di Loreto’s name.

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To purchase First Step and related merchandise, please click on this link below:


To purchase a household live-stream digital pass for the A Memorial Jazz Concert Tribute To Angelo Di Loreto, please click on this link below:


We hope you can join JazzBuffalo, MusicalFare Theatre, and the trio of musician brothers in remembering Angelo Di Loreto. Get your digital pass for Friday, December 4th.

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