Saranaide Delivers A Magical Warm Breeze Of Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova is a unique genre associated with jazz. The music forever linked to the country of Brazil. There is a beat you can hear and feel. When you do hear it, you know it right away. A swaying samba that imbues subtle beauty.

Subtle beauty is what we were treated to last night as Saranaide and an ensemble swayed with the sounds of bossa nova and samba. The music streamed from the Premier Cabaret Lounge at MusicalFare Theatre into numerous households in WNY and beyond.

The response warmly received as a Brazilian summer breeze:

“Hearing this in Portuguese is quite special. I’m dancing.”

“So good!”

“Great voice”

And this from Kim M.:

“While I know music changes the world, last night I experienced it.  The beauty of the performance, the ‘musicians’ talent, and the dedication to play this magical style of music were so inspirational.  While I love Bossa Nova and have many recordings, I had never heard it performed live and by some of my favorite local musicians.”

Magical it was. Saranaide (the stage name of Sara Rodriguez) gave us a respite from the hardships of the pandemic and transported us to a different world. Her talented ensemble of George Caldwell on piano, Ben Levitt on bass, Stu Weissman on guitar, and Nelson Rivera doubling up on drums and sax meshed to the infectious groove.

Saranaide graced us with her vocals and excellent abilities on the flute. The ensemble performing some familiar and not-so-familiar bossa nova tunes. Opening with a fun version of “Baby” set the tone for the evening. Other highlights included an inspiring “Chega De Saudade” showcasing the talent on stage.

Highlights were two duet songs. An emotional “Dindi” featuring Saranaide and George Caldwell. And “Every Day You’ve Been Away” with Saranaide and Stu Weissman. The song dedicated to the missing audience who could not be present in-person.

A special evening of “Live From Premier Cabaret Lounge” does not happen without a talented dedicated group from MusicalFare Theatre and JazzBuffalo working behind the scenes. Superlative production by Chris Cavanagh (Video and Production), Mark Percy (Sound), Bill Ross (Sound), Kevin Fahey (Production), Theresa Quinn (Social Media), and Jack Zuff (Photography). I am most grateful for the partnership with Randy Kramer, Executive Director of MusicalFare Theatre, and his generous support for jazz and the arts.

Saranaide, once again, showcasing what makes our community unique. A wealth of music and talent that rivals bigger cities. Where we can receive the warm breeze of Brazilian music in our homes. Due to a community of musicians and production talents coming together in a difficult time for the good of all.

Enjoy these most beautiful photos that captured the evening. Jack Zuff, once again, gives us incredible views so we can get close to what it may have been to be there in person.

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