Jazz In Town: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Universally, the year 2020 is one year we all want to put behind us.  A tumultuous year that saw much hardship and pain.  And, at the same time, saw the goodness of many who rose to the occasion.  We were fortunate, as a jazz community, to have some respite and opportunities to experience live jazz.  Let us hope that we can return to experiencing live jazz in 2021.

Many thanks to all those who supported JazzBuffalo endeavors throughout 2020.  The attendance, Patreon support, sharing, contributions, our sponsors, and our partners were all immensely appreciated!  They go a long way in helping to keep the JazzBuffalo website up and running and keeping jazz alive in WNY!

Where To Watch Jazz Live Streams

JazzBuffalo curates a weekly list of national and international jazz live streams to watch.  Click and read below.  Fabulous live streams are happening…

10 plus National Jazz Live Streams To Watch This New Year’s Weekend (December 30 – January 4)

(Photo: Emmet Cohen will appear at Dizzy’s New Year’s Eve concert.) Favorite Where To Watch Jazz Live Streams picks here by JazzBuffalo. Weekly live streams throughout the country from jazz clubs and beyond to check out. More fabulous live-streams to enjoy this New Year’s Eve Weekend. For the full listing of jazz live streams happening […]

Read More…

Check Upcoming Events At JazzBuffalo For Live Streams

Be sure to check out the Upcoming Events section of JazzBuffalo.org for all the live streams and live jazz where possible.  We are continuing our efforts to be a source for a national listing of live streams that include some of the top artists in jazz.  Go here:

Upcoming Events: Live Stream And Live Events

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