Jazz In Town: Virtual Jazz In A Covid-19 World

At this writing, we are still in an online world for jazz.  There is fantastic jazz throughout the country and locally.  For the next few months, it is anticipated that live music performances will be predominantly online as we endure a difficult time of the surging pandemic.

Where To Watch National Jazz Live Streams

JazzBuffalo continues it’s curating of national and international jazz live streams to watch.  Click and read below.  One silver lining in our current state is that we can view and hear national jazz aritsts like we have not had the opportunity before.

20 plus National Jazz Live Streams To Watch This Weekend (January 14 – January 18)

(Photo: Lakecia Benjamin will be appearing at the virtual NYC Winter JazzFest.) Favorite Where To Watch Jazz Live Streams picks here by JazzBuffalo. Weekly live streams throughout the country from jazz clubs and beyond to check out. For the full listing of jazz live streams happening this weekend as well as the next week and […]

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Local Live Streams

This week, we see two new live streams starting.  The Jay/Sharp-tet began a weekly live stream on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.  Joe Baudo and Denise Beehag start a Friday noon live stream this Friday.  The Intrepid Travelers style of progressive rock/funky fusion with some jazz happens on Tuesdays at 8 pm.  These are all live streams on Facebook.

Check Upcoming Events At JazzBuffalo For Live Streams

Be sure to check out the Upcoming Events section of JazzBuffalo.org for all the live streams.  We are continuing our efforts to be a source for a national listing of live streams that include some of the top artists in jazz.  Go here:

Upcoming Events: Live Stream And Live Events

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