Janet Evra: “A Night in Paris” Makes For A Memorable Night of New Beginnings For JazzBuffalo

The first-ever JazzBuffalo Premier Concert in the Seneca One Auditorium proved to be a momentous occasion.  The jazz artist from the U.K., bassist/vocalist Janet Evra, led her ensemble in “A Night In Paris” / French Jazz-themed concert to the delight of the audience.  The setting of the auditorium and the Seneca One Lobby and Bar made for a memorable jazz experience for all.

Evra and her ensemble featuring Will Buchanan on guitar, David Gomez on sax, and Tim Moore on drums put on display their immense talents.  As a composer, Janet Evra enthralls with soothing melodies to go with her charming personality, as well as, superb upright bassist talents.  The band was given ample space and time to produce outstanding solos that were met by shouts and yells from the audience.  No doubt, a rising stars ensemble, and one Buffalo surely will welcome back.

It was a night to remember for the JazzBuffalo Community.  The sold-out concert offered an opportunity to experience the new home for premier JazzBuffalo presentations – Seneca One Auditorium.  It was a very promising start!

There are many to thank in such an endeavor but first and foremost is many thanks to the audience who attended.  Your support for JazzBuffalo and the artists, despite not having experienced the auditorium before, is immensely appreciated.  Others to thank include:

  • The support and sponsorship of Seneca One and the Douglas Development Corporation helps in making our efforts possible
  • Excellent sound and lighting by Mark Percy
  • Suzanne Manocchio, Cindy Zambito, and Nicole Zambito for volunteering to open the doors and take tickets
  • The outstanding pre-concert performance and music by the French ConéXion providing a great experience for all
  • The Seneca One Lobby and Bar staff for opening and serving the audience pre-concert
  • Samantha Rychlicki for covering the event for New York State Music with forthcoming review and photographs
  • The excellent photography of JazzBuffalo contributor, Jack Zuff.  See his photo gallery below.

It was a beginning that delighted us all.  As with anything, like an effort such as this, there is room for improvement.  JazzBuffalo and Seneca One will be partnering to make upgrades over time.

Next up is the JazzBuffalo premier event on Sunday, October 17th at 4 pm when we present the 9-time GRAMMY® Nominee, Tierney Sutton Band.  We encourage you to get tickets soon.  It is not every day or every year that Buffalo gets a visit from a multiple GRAMMY ® Nominated jazz vocalist and group.

To get tickets, please visit one of these two links:

Eventbrite – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/174356273307

JazzBuffalo – https://jazzbuffalo.org/event/tierney-sutton-band/

It was a spectacular night of jazz for all.  A promising beginning that allows us to look ahead to more premier events where we can come together as one community enjoying stellar jazz performances!

Jack Zuff gallery of Janet Evra and her ensemble:

Jack Zuff gallery of the French ConéXion:

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