Jazz in Buffalo: Jazz Celebrations Ahead

(Photo – the great John Coltrane)

During the past week, we upgraded to a new and improved event listing, description, and calendaring system.  We thank you for being patient with some of the usual hiccups that can happen.  But, we do think you will like more convenient features as we roll them out.  Be sure to check out Upcoming Events.  It automatically shows a list view.  A drop-down menu in the upper right corner enables you to have 4 additional views.

Check Upcoming Events At JazzBuffalo For Live Jazz

Be sure to check out the Upcoming Events section of JazzBuffalo.org for all the live jazz around town.  There is plenty of jazz happening throughout the city and the region!  We are getting amazing visits and local events impossible to mention all here.  Go here for more events:

Upcoming Events: Live Stream And Live Events

Jazz For Everyone

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