Jazz in Buffalo: A Season Of Thanks

At this Thanksgiving time, we are grateful for your support of what has transpired this past year.  Once again, a year filled with a few first-time events, enduring series, and the continued maturation of a new generation of jazz artists who provide us with wonder.  In 2011, JazzBuffalo began with the simple idea of enriching our community by building awareness and appreciation for jazz.  Providing entertaining concerts and a unique state-of-the-art digital platform.  It is hard to believe that this weekly newsletter has now been in existence for eleven years!

We want to continue to build and evolve the JazzBuffalo concept of being an integral part of the community and making jazz accessible to everyone.  That is why I am personally asking for your support at this time.  You can help us to grow and develop groundbreaking initiatives that enrich our city, communities, and quality of life.

We have launched our end-of-the-year “Put Buffalo On The Map” Giving Campaign.  You can donate, using the form, and select a credit card or PayPal/Venmo option.  Or donate directly at PayPal/Venmo, for as little as $10 and up to $250 on the pull-down menu.

Go here to donate or become a monthly Patron!  DONATE

We wish all of you and your families the Happiest of Thanksgiving.  Best wishes for much blessing, joy, peace, and happiness!  Tony

Jazz For Everyone

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