Get Your Nominations In For The 8th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

Jazz Fans and Audiences Can Nominate Their Favorites To Be In The 8th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

The JazzBuffalo Readers and Fans Poll is an annual survey of favorite musicians, contributors, and supporters of the year. The poll is in its 8th year and has become a significant source of recognition for the talented musicians, groups, and supporters of jazz who enrich our community.

The first step in the annual survey is to enable the community to nominate their favorites in multiple categories.  Then, the Poll is compiled, published, and voting takes place in January.  For jazz fans and audiences, recollect and recall your favorite performances, musicians, and contributors from the past year.

The results of the poll are highly anticipated by both fans and musicians.   It has become an important annual ritual where we get to recognize those who have been contributors to the jazz scene, new and next-generation musicians making a difference, and helps the community to become aware of the tremendous talent that exists in Greater Buffalo.

Please take time to nominate your favorites.  Remember, this is not the actual voting JazzBuffalo Poll.  This is the community’s chance to submit nominations and names. Look for the 8th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll to be open for voting in early January.

You can use the survey directly below or go to this link:

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Participate and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Get Your Nominations In For The 8th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll

  1. Greetings Tony and staff! I hope I can get an honorable mention for my CD “Blues For Martyrs”. I recorded it, and it was released, in June 2022, and it is dedicated to my hometown (born/raised/Hutch Tech grad) Buffalo after that tragic and racist shooting at Tops Market on Jefferson Ave (my old neighborhood). The musicians on the project are all from Buffalo (Nasar Abadey, Tim Jones, Derrick Thompson) now live in the Washington DC area. Here is a link to the title track:

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