A Jazz Musical Journey With The George Burton Quartet

A superb evening took place at the fifteenth annual Lois R. Klein Piano Recital featuring the George Burton Quartet. George Burton displays unique mastery of the 88 keys and refreshing compositions. Burton’s music is characterized by melodic vamping, energetic crescendos, and beautiful spacing that give each song an ethereal quality.

Burton’s music provides gateways for the superb musicians of the quartet to walk through and come back with outstanding improvisational solos. Pablo Maneras on bass, Dylan Band on soprano and tenor saxophone, and Cory Rawls on drums were superlative. Dylan Band shines mightily on the soprano saxophone and displays an ability to dig deep in the improvisational reservoir. Their chemistry in bringing Burton’s modernistic music which was filled with a variety of influences, including a fabulous song with South American rhythms, was truly fantastic.

In addition to Burton’s marvelous compositions, he is developing a signature style of arranging. Inviting the audience into captivating introductions showcasing his piano mastery, a build-up crescendo featuring the quartet, and soft landings either by the entire quartet or a soloist. Such an approach takes the audience on a journey into the music and the stories Burton hopes to tell with each song.

George Burton engaged the audience with dialogue about the songs chosen and the two albums he produced thus far. Especially the notable album “Reciprocity.” With a sense of humor which the audience quite enjoyed.

Many thanks to Emily Boyce, professor at Buffalo State University, for organizing an inspiring evening of jazz and the Buffalo State Music Department for hosting.

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