Celebrate Women’s History Month at The Terrace Friday Piano and Cocktail Nights

March marks the annual celebration of Women’s History Month. We take time to recognize and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women in advancing our societies. Celebrating the social, cultural, economic, and political attainments of women.

At the Terrace at Delaware Park, JazzBuffalo joins our treasured partner in hosting five terrific performers and vocalists during this month’s Friday Piano & Cocktail Nights. Taking place from 7 pm to 9 pm each Friday, you can enjoy the award-winning dinners and drinks at the Terrace while being entertained by some of Buffalo’ finest female vocalists and performers.

(Call the Terrace at Delaware Park at 716-886-0089 for reservations for dinner and cocktails.)

The schedule is as follows:

March 3: Ann Phillippone – from Boogie Woogie Jazz to Blues, Ann Phillippone has been one of the region’s most welcomed and vibrant entertainers.

March 10: Cheri Abeles w/Harry Graser – Cheri arrives to our region as one of the most prolific performers in the East Village New York City. Where she performed with many notable national artists the sounds of Indie to Jazz music in the clubs of the East Village.

March 17: Carolyn Lansom w/Harry Graser – Carolyn, through her Dozo My Lady trio (8th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll winner in Jaz Pop) and her appearances with My Cousin Toné and others, has become one of the area’s favorite female jazz vocalists.

March 24: Hanna PK – Hanna is an award-winning blues and jazz artist who makes her home in Rochester but is also nationally recognized with performances in Memphis and New Orleans.

March 31: Alex McArthur – Alex is the 8th Annual JazzBuffalo Poll winner for Favorite Female Jazz Vocalist. Her versatility in musicals, blues, pop, and jazz makes Alex one of the region’s female jazz vocalist favorites for many.

You can call the Terrace at Delaware Park at 716-886-0089 to make reservations for Friday dinner and cocktails. Or, visit the Fireside Bar for a cocktail to enjoy a drink and some of Buffalo’s best female jazz vocalists and entertainers.

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