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Charlie Ballantine Trio
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Saturday, March 18th, 8:00 PM

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“Befitting a guitarist from America’s heartland, Charlie Ballantine mixes jazz, folk-rock, surf/instro, blues, pop, and country into a simmering pot of guitar sound and style.” 

Vintage Guitar Magazine

Acclaimed jazz guitarist Charlie Ballantine brings his formidable trio to Buffalo at Seneca One Auditorium. Jesse Wittman supports him on bass and Richard “Sleepy” Floyd on drums.

Charlie Ballantine is acclaimed as one of the finest and most versatile young guitarists on the scene today. JAZZ TIMES MAGAZINE hails his playing as “teeming with intricate grooves and maniacal precision his guitar work is both beautiful and complex” and VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE described his style by stating “Jazz, rock, and folk music peacefully coexist in Charlie Ballantine’s world”.

Equipped with an impressive body of original compositions on albums like “Vonnegut” and “Cold Coffee”, Ballantine also displays a great reverence for the jazz tradition through the inclusion of standards like ‘My One and Only Love’, ‘East of the Sun’ and an entire double album dedicated to the music of Thelonious Monk released September 2021.

His latest album, “Falling Grace”, is widely acclaimed for its brilliance.  From ALL ABOUT JAZZ:

“At 33, Ballantine has recorded eight albums and they are all gems. His range is wide and eclectic with tributes to Bob Dylan, Thelonious Monk, and Kurt Vonnegut. But his December 2022 release stands out as a masterpiece of artistry, melody, and deep feeling. Falling Grace doesn’t hit one over the head right away, but you might find you can’t stop playing it over and over again.  Falling Grace may be Ballantine’s Kind of Blue (Columbia, 1959) for the 21st Century. It flows, grooves, dances, and soars above the crowd.”

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