5 Reasons Why “Both Sides Of Joni” Is Must-See

Special Project Reimagining The Music and Legacy of Joni Mitchell Makes Buffalo Debut on Tuesday, April 25 at 7:30 pm

A very special project and music event will visit Buffalo on Tuesday, April 25th. The “Both Sides Of Joni” project created by jazz pianist and arranger Monika Herzig and vocalist Janiece Jaffe will be presented by JazzBuffalo in the intimate Seneca One Auditorium. A labor of love and admiration that resulted in the highly acclaimed reimagining of Mitchell’s songs into jazz interpretations. Including a highly acclaimed new album. A passionate and emotional endeavor with added meaning due to the recent death of Janiece Jaffe whose indelible imprints remain on the music. The award-winning jazz vocalist Alexis Cole brings her magnificent vocals to the project and performance.

The Both Sides of Joni concert featuring Monika Herzig and Alexis Cole is a must-see for music and jazz fans alike for several reasons:

1 – Joni Mitchell Is Back In The Spotlight

Joni Mitchell is one of the most celebrated and influential songwriters of all time. She is enjoying a resurgence back in the spotlight. Last year, she made an unforgettable appearance at the Newport Folk Festival. And, most recently, she was awarded the prestigious Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. At the award ceremony, Mitchell put a spell on the audience with a riveting rendition of “Summertime” by Gershwin.

2 – Unique Jazz Arrangements

Monica Herzig’s arrangements are unique and inventive, drawing on her own experiences in jazz. Most notably, her widely heralded “Sheroes” project and album in 2018 featured an all-female and an all-star ensemble. Mitchell’s music has been covered by countless artists, but it has never been done quite like this. The result is a fresh perspective on Mitchell’s music while staying true to the essence of Mitchell’s timeless songs. Alexis Cole is one of today’s most prominent jazz vocalists. Her vocal craft adds an imaginative musical stylistic approach.

3 – Classic And Lesser-Known Songs

The concert will feature a variety of Mitchell’s classic hit songs, as well as some lesser-known gems. This is a chance to hear some of Mitchell’s most beloved songs in a whole new way. Herzig and Cole put their own unique stamp on these songs. Fans of Joni Mitchell and jazz will walk away with a new appreciation for Mitchell’s music and powerful messages.

4 – Imaginative Blend Of Music Mitchell Strived To Achieve

The collaboration between Herzig and Cole which honors the creativity of Janiece Jaffe as well as Joni Mitchell, promises a blend of jazz, folk, and pop. Creating a seamless and cohesive musical experience that is not to be missed. This blend became part of Mitchell’s aspirations post-1970s which saw her recording and performing with artists such as bassist Jaco Pastorius, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and pianist Herbie Hancock.

5 – Instantaneous Acclaim

Since the album’s release in March and the commencement of this historic tour beginning in April, the project has received praise and acclaim immediately. Before heading to Europe, Monika Herzig and Alexis Cole have been on the first leg of an extensive tour in the United States. Performing the “Both Sides of Joni” project to sold-out audiences and rousing standing ovations. And, critics have raved:

“But to my ears, vocalist Janiece Jaffe and arranger Monika Herzig have envisioned the finest jazz rendering and re-envisioning of Joni’s songs…’Both Sides of Joni’ is the most insightful jazz treatment of Joni’s music.” – Dan Ouellette, Jazz & Beyond

If you are a Joni Mitchell fan or even just a jazz fan, then you do not want to miss this opportunity to see Monika Herzig and Alexis Cole perform this truly special body of music. It offers a fresh take on the music of one of the most important artists in American Pop Music history and showcases the incredible talent of Herzig and Cole.

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Both Sides of Joni: A Jazz Tribute To Joni Mitchell

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