5 Reasons To Celebrate International Jazz Day With JazzBuffalo

Free 5th Annual International Jazz Day Celebration Hosted By JazzBuffalo Sunday, April 30th at Seneca One

International Jazz Day, celebrated each year on April 30th, is one of the most exciting days for jazz every year. This year, JazzBuffalo will help the community celebrate with a free full-day event that will include a Jazz Trio Festival, a live stream of the Global Concert, and a headline performance from a quintet of next-generation jazz artists.

There are several reasons why you will want to celebrate International Jazz Day with JazzBuffalo:

1 – The Universal Language of Jazz

International Jazz Day celebrates the universal language of jazz and its ability to bring people together across cultural boundaries. By supporting International Jazz Day, fans can demonstrate their appreciation for the power of music to foster unity and promote peace. The 5th Annual IJD Celebration gives us all a chance to come together in unity around our passion for jazz.

2 – Spotlight Diverse Talent

International Jazz Day provides an opportunity to showcase the diversity and creativity of jazz music, especially originating from our next generation of jazz artists. Jazz fans can discover new artists and styles. For this occasion, we’ll have three jazz trios (Andrew Nixon Tro, Donny Frauenhofer Trio, and The Cousins Trio), offering unique original music from traditional jazz to jazz fusion. And, a quintet of next-generation jazz artists, the Lindsey Holland Unit, showcases vibrant music.

3 – Be A Part of the Global Jazz Community

By participating in International Jazz Day on Sunday, April 30th, jazz fans can connect with the global jazz community and engage in discussions about the music they love. This can foster a sense of belonging and fellowship among the growing JazzBuffalo community and the city as a whole. At the IJD event, we are excited to live stream the Global Concert showcasing jazz stars from around the world on the big screen.

4 – Expose Our Youth to Jazz

International Jazz Day aims to promote jazz to our younger people. A way to help foster that jazz lives on and that the jazz communities promote unity. By supporting such aspirations, jazz fans can help ensure that future generations have access to the music and its rich cultural heritage.

5 – Build JazzBuffalo’s Contributions to the Community

The International Jazz Day celebration gives us a chance to build upon the mission of JazzBuffalo to foster community and accessibility to jazz. We will be accepting donations to help fund the Summer of Jazz (Season 3) where we create free jazz events for the community. Additionally, it will be another opportunity to continue our contributions to the annual MS Walk.

As a jazz fan, when you participate in International Jazz Day, you are doing more than just attending a concert. You are helping to foster community, unity, togetherness, and peace. Stated intentions for International Jazz Day when first founded in 2011 by UNESCO and by its spokesperson, Herbie Hancock.

The schedule is planned as follows:

1:15 pm – The Andrew Nixon Trio

2:45 pm – The Donny Frauenhofer Trio

4:00 pm – Livestream of International Jazz Day Global Concert

5:00 pm – The Cousins Trio

6:30 pm – The Lindsey Holland Unit

To not miss this special day at Seneca One and to secure seats, limited to 250, click on the link below to register for free:

5th Annual International Jazz Day Hosted By JazzBuffalo

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