Celebrating the Next Generation of Jazz at Two “Summer of Jazz” Series

Experience the Vibrant Soundscapes of Ellen Pieroni’s Encyclopedia of Soul and the Captivating Music of the Lindsey Holland Unit

This week, we have two exciting JazzBuffalo “Summer of Jazz” series that will showcase the incredible talents of the next generation of jazz musicians in our city. It’s truly remarkable to see how our jazz scene is evolving with a talented group of young artists who are creating their unique sound while paying homage to the jazz legends that came before them.

On Thursday, July 6, head over to Jazz at Chandlerville to experience Ellen Pieroni’s Encyclopedia of Soul. Ellen and her group have recently released a new album, and their music brings a refreshing twist to the beloved 70s sound made popular by artists like Grover Washington, Jr. The ensemble includes talented emerging performers such as Adam Bronstein, James Benders, Tyler James, and Isaiah Gethers.

Then, on Sunday, July 9, make sure to catch the Lindsey Holland Unit at the highly-anticipated Jazz at Richardson series. Lindsey is a rising star in the jazz vocal scene, bringing a fresh and captivating approach to both jazz standards and modern pop tunes. She will be joined by renowned musicians who have been recognized in multiple categories in the recent JazzBuffalo Poll, including John Troy, Jared Tinkham, Ed Croft, Alec Dube, and Griffith Kaczmerizak.

These two events are not to be missed! Come witness the immense talent of our next generation of jazz stars and be part of two fantastic “Summer of Jazz” series presented by JazzBuffalo!

Looking Ahead

The Buffalo Jazz Festival, scheduled for Sunday, September 3rd at the fabulous Richardson-Olmsted Campus, is set to be a captivating showcase of our city’s talented next-generation jazz musicians. We will feature the Jay/Sharp-tet Group, led by Jacob Jay and Dalton Sharp, as they bring their captivating jazz to the stage. Lindsey Holland and her quintet of next-generation stars will take you on another journey through soulful melodies and innovative arrangements. Experience the magic of Donny Frauenhofer’s Herbie Hancock Experience, recognized as the favorite Jazz Fusion Group in the JazzBuffalo Poll. And be captivated by the Troy Brothers Organ Quintet, joined by the exceptional Mike Troy from New York City.

These emerging jazz artists are shaping the future of jazz in our city, offering a compelling reason to support next-generation jazz in Buffalo!

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