Experience the Next Generation Jazz Revolution with the Lindsey Holland Unit at Jazz at Richardson

Join us on Sunday, July 16 for an Unforgettable Afternoon of Captivating Jazz and Musical Brilliance

Join us on Sunday, July 16, for an incredible performance by the Lindsey Holland Unit at the highly anticipated Jazz at Richardson series. Lindsey Holland, a rising star in the jazz vocal scene, will bring a fresh and captivating approach to jazz standards and modern pop tunes.

Accompanying Lindsey Holland is a group of talented young jazz musicians who have been gaining recognition in the annual JazzBuffalo Poll. Lindsey Holland, John Troy, Jared Tinkham, Ed Croft, Alec Dube, and Harry Graser have come together to form the Lindsey Holland Unit. Their combined talent and artistry create a refreshing sound, showcasing captivating arrangements of jazz standards and modern pop tunes.

Prepare to be mesmerized by their innovative interpretations and captivating performances. The Lindsey Holland Unit promises an afternoon of exceptional music that seamlessly blends the best of jazz and contemporary sounds.

Lindsey Holland, one of the region’s finest female jazz vocalists, will delight you with arrangements from renowned artists such as Cyrille Aimee, Emilie-Claire Barlow, and Daniel Caesar, as well as beloved classics from the Great American Songbook. With years of experience performing with the Rick Holland Big Band and graduating from Buffalo State University’s music program, Lindsey Holland is a true talent.

Each member of the Lindsey Holland Unit brings their expertise and passion to the ensemble. John Troy, a skilled saxophonist, discovered his love for jazz at Fredonia University and then at Purchase Conservatory (studying under Eric Alexander) and has since become a major presence in Buffalo’s jazz scene. Jared Tinkham, an exceptional guitarist, has garnered recognition and awards in the JazzBuffalo Poll, showcasing his talent as a musician, composer, and arranger. Ed Croft, an acclaimed bassist, has earned multiple JazzBuffalo Poll awards and is highly sought-after in the region. Harry Graser, a talented pianist, and keyboardist, has made a name for himself with his versatility and stellar musicianship. Alec Dube, a renowned vibraphonist, and drummer, consistently excels in the JazzBuffalo Poll and shares his expertise as an adjunct lecturer at SUNY Fredonia.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the Lindsey Holland Unit and witness the next generation of jazz artists reshaping Buffalo’s jazz scene. Join us on Sunday, July 16, for an unforgettable afternoon of exceptional music and a magical experience at Jazz at Richardson!

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