Celebrating the Pappy Martin Legacy-Masten Jazz Festival: A Soulful Jazz Gathering July 23 and 30

28th Annual Event Set To Take Place On Two Consecutive Sundays

Buffalo’s vibrant jazz scene is about to enjoy the Pappy Martin Legacy-Masten Jazz Festival once again! This two-Sunday jazz extravaganza, scheduled for July 23rd and July 30th, promises to be a celebration of jazz’s rich heritage and a showcase of talent. Taking place at the Buffalo Science Museum Lawn, this festival is set to captivate audiences with its stellar lineup of jazz legends and rising stars.

A Legacy of Jazz: Pappy Martin

The Pappy Martin Legacy-Masten Jazz Festival is a tribute to the late jazz legend Pappy Martin. Martin, an iconic bassist, and bandleader, played a pivotal role in shaping Buffalo’s jazz scene. He was not only an outstanding musician but also a mentor to young jazz musicians. Martin’s passion for jazz and his dedication to fostering emerging talent left an indelible mark on the city’s jazz culture.

Soulful Sounds Await

This year’s festival promises an array of soulful jazz performances. The lineup features jazz virtuosos Buster Williams, Lakecia Benjamin, Nasar Abadey, and Curtis Lundy. Each artist brings their unique flair and style to the stage, representing the breadth and diversity of jazz’s creative spirit.

Buster Williams: A Living Legend

Buster Williams, a living legend of the jazz bass, is sure to leave audiences spellbound with his masterful improvisations and impeccable musicianship. Having performed alongside jazz greats like Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis, Williams is no stranger to captivating audiences worldwide. His performance is a rare opportunity to witness a true jazz icon in action.

Lakecia Benjamin: A Rising Star on the Saxophone

Lakecia Benjamin is a force to be reckoned with, wielding her saxophone with unmatched prowess and passion. Known for her powerful and soulful performances, Benjamin’s music transcends genres and resonates deeply with audiences.

Nasar Abadey: A Drumming Dynamo

Nasar Abadey, a celebrated drummer and composer, infuses his performances with boundless energy and creativity. With a rich blend of jazz, African, and Latin rhythms, Abadey’s music is an exhilarating journey that invites audiences to experience the heartbeat of jazz.

Curtis Lundy: A Master Bassist

Curtis Lundy’s virtuoso bass playing and expressive phrasing have made him a highly recognized jazz musician in the jazz world. His melodic and deeply emotive performances have graced numerous iconic recordings, and his contribution to jazz is immeasurable.

A Feast for Jazz Enthusiasts

The Pappy Martin Legacy-Masten Jazz Festival is a feast for jazz enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of jazz styles and captivating performances. Set against the backdrop of the Buffalo Science Museum Lawn, the festival creates a delightful afternoon of jazz.

Mark your calendars for July 23rd and July 30th, from 2 pm to 8 pm, and get ready for more great jazz experiences!

For more information, visit the JazzBuffalo event link: https://jazzbuffalo.org/event/28th-annual-pappy-martin-legacy-masten-jazz-festival/2023-07-23/

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