Veronica Swift Releases New Single “I Am What I Am” and Announces Exciting Self-Titled Album Release

September 15th Release to Showcase Expansive Interpretations of Multiple Genres

From the very first note of Veronica Swift’s riveting new rendition of “I Am What I Am,” the opening track of her highly anticipated self-titled album, I was immediately overcome with the same excitement I felt when I first discovered her remarkable vocal talents back in 2016. Our own shared excitement began at the Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY in 2018, and later, we relished in her extraordinary performance, alongside Emmet Cohen, during a special concert in Buffalo in 2019.

(Photo Credit: Jack Zuff) Veronica Swift with the Benny Green Trio at the 2018 Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY

With this latest release, Veronica Swift unequivocally solidifies her position as the quintessential jazz vocalese star, not only within the realm of jazz but also transcending its boundaries to captivate audiences far beyond the genre’s limits.

Veronica Swift announced this week the upcoming release of her self-titled album, scheduled for September 15th. This captivating album showcases a diverse range of interpretations, spanning from Musical Theatre and American Songbook classics to songs by Queen, Chopin, and Nine Inch Nails. 

Veronica Swift undeniably fulfills her ambition to showcase the full extent of her musical prowess and vocal talents, leaving no doubt about her remarkable capabilities in the world of music and song.  As mentioned, opening with the swinging rendition of “I Am What I Am” from the Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles, Veronica Swift embarks on a personal musical journey, inviting all to join her. The leading song, a declaration of self-acceptance and pride, sets the tone for the album’s exploration of artistic freedom and expression.

Veronica Swift, recognized across the globe, hails from a family of musicians and has been deeply immersed in jazz culture since an early age. However, she embraces a broader “transgenre” approach, fusing elements of rock, soul, blues, and more into her creative expression. Collaborating with talented musicians, including Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls, she pays homage to iconic artists from different eras, infusing each track with her distinctive style.

The album features a dynamic repertoire, transforming classics such as Duke Ellington’s “Do Nothing till You Hear From Me” into a sizzling Mississippi Delta blues experience and Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” into a compelling fusion of alt-rock and powerful brass arrangements. Swift’s musical prowess shines through, as she even incorporates elements from French and Italian opera, bossa nova, funk, and vaudeville.

Photo Credit: Matt Baker

Veronica Swift’s new album is a testament to her unyielding artistic voice, transcending genres and delivering a remarkable musical experience. The tracklist features a wide array of songs, from emotional ballads to high-energy anthems, showcasing the full range of her talent.

I can’t wait to delve deeper into this album. One thing is evident, however: Swift shows a courageous streak with this effort, as she releases the full range of exceptional vocal talents she possesses. Listeners will be rewarded with a musical journey that will grant them an expansive appreciation for Veronica Swift—the singer.

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